Saturday, March 30, 2013

What I Currently Want...

I am currently sitting in the O'Hare airport waiting to head back to Nashville. I thought since I am very early, I'd write a quick post on things I want.

I just got this idea while walking through the airport watching everyone play with their favorite "toy". I actually have some things on my "want" list and since I just did my taxes, maybe ill treat myself to something nice.

Thing #1: iPad
Self explanatory. Who wouldn't want one? I would also love to see if I could read books on it as easily as I can read them on the Kindle...which brings me to my next want.

Thing #2: KindleFire
I love to read and wish I had more time for it. I'm currently reading 'The Fault With Our Stars' (which is great by the way and awesomely written) and it's a huge book. It's heavy, bulky, the cover page is coming off in my purse and its just annoying. I'd much rather have a sleek thin electronic device that I can carry almost anywhere. Catch my drift?? (The pic At the bottom of this blog is a pic if my travel bag---can you see that huge blue book? Yes...pain in my butt!!)

Thing #3: Headphones
I have these somewhere but can't seem to find them. At one point I had like 8 pairs. I don't listen to music often on my phone, but for times like these, I'd really like to have them to jam out by myself. AND I Just downloaded the new Justin Timberlake cd by the way and have yet to listen to it. Ugh!!

Thing #4: A suitcase with wheels on all 4 corners!!
Come on! You have to know what I'm talking about... The ones where you can leave it right side up and just slide next to you... Yes, I want those!! You shoulda seen me trying to pull my suitcase, carry my teacher bag over my shoulder, hold onto my northface in my right hand (because of security) and trying to carry a Starbucks in my left hand. Ugh!

Thing #5: A portable WiFi hub
So when I get to the airport super early I can blog and Pin on my computer! Simple enough. But writing about my computer brings me to....

Thing #6: A new computer
Not just any computer. But a nice new MacBook (maybe even a Mac desktop) that doesn't freeze whenever I open iPhoto, that doesn't have paw prints on it from my pups stepping on it. I would also like this new computer to magically come with a new (professional-like) Dixon camera... Hey, it's nice to dream.

(Not really A) Thing #7: Money strictly for student loans
All of this expensive stuff is making me think how unrealistic this all is because I still need to pay an arm and a leg for my student loans. Oh well... It's nice to dream and have a list incase the lottery people realize that I'd be a really good candidate to win!!

I am still organizing all of my blogs on BlogLovin (follow me on the right sidebar!!) and realizing I have a lot of blogs to read. Sarah (one of my fav reads at had a good point. She said, "it makes me realize how many blogs I don't read anymore," which is so true for me. According to BlogLovin', I seriously think I follow around 300 blogs by URL (or however they track it). I realized I really only read a handful of those... I've been reading many blogs religiously for awhile and obviously I love reading new blogs but, needless to say, I need to do some cleaning up of blogs.

(Does anyone else think the airport is the best place to people watch? Because this girl does!! 👍😋) Well, I hope everyone has a great Saturday!!


  1. If you got an iPad, you wouldn't necessarily need a Kindle Fire. I just use the kindle app on my ipad. works the same!

  2. Kindle Fire and an iPad are redundant. The Kindle Fire is a very inexpensive tablet. For reading, get a plain jane Kindle. They are inexpensive, lightweight, and easily replaceable should the unfortunately happen. At the most, get a Kindle Paperweight if you want a separate reading device; then you have backlighting.

  3. I totally hear you on the money for student loans!! They are so willing to lend it to anyone but then want you to pay them $800 a month back...yeah, okay!

  4. My husband surprised me with an iPad when I was like "Eh, I don't need one". I really do like it, but I didn't get that or my MacBook until I was an "adult". (Even an unofficial one!) I had a crappy Toshiba before that.

    Happy Easter!

  5. Kristin, Hope you get a iPad they do come in handy. I read on the train every morning on my iPad; magazines and books.
    And headphones are on my list too! I want some big lime green headphones

  6. I want an Ipad so badly as well! I put for one on Donor's Choose (which you should totally check out!) but it hasn't been funded yet :(

    P.S I need your address lady!

  7. I want a MacBook SOOOOO much!! I am planning on getting one this summer, when I have to surrender my teacher laptop. Also, I agree that the Kindle Fire and iPad do basically the same thing - but an iPad is more fun, so I would get that plus a Kindle Paperweight. My MIL has one of those and it is so sleek and lightweight - I love my plain old Kindle but I would also not be opposed to upgrading to one of those!!

    And I agree with you on the "cleaning of blogs" thing - I tried to do that with Google Reader, but I think Bloglovin will help me even more. There are just so many that I don't read anymore, and I feel like they are taking away from the blogs I do love because they clutter everything up!