Monday, August 20, 2012

Teacher Week

Sorry I've been lacking on the posts, but being a new teacher is A LOT of work. But, I just had to join in on this linky party. Being a first year teacher, I'll be interested in seeing if my 'must-haves' are the same as some of y'alls.

Ms. K's Must-haves for teaching:

1. Sharpies. 

I didn't think I'd use them, but I write everything in sharpie because geezz, these days printer ink is expensive AND I only get 1,500 copies/month. :/

2. Binders
(NOT MY PICTURE---but I env her for her organization. I hope one day to be this organized)
I love everything in binders. Easy to find, easy to look through. (Although, I'm not even near close to having my binders day I will-lol)

3. Smart Board
(One of my old 4th graders using the SB while I asked questions)
I don't have one in my room, but I did when I student taught and I fell in love with it. It's a GREAT tool and I'm struggling to only have a document camera to teach with. (Not even a whiteboard or chalk board-umph)

4. Coffee/Caffeine

Now, I'm not a big coffee drinker, but I could drink a Starbucks Salted Carmel Mocha or a Pumpkin Spiced Latte everyday. Except right now, my budget doesn't allow for that. Once a week I allow myself to drink diet coke, because if I drink it more than that, it's a bad habit :/ 

5. My personal laminator

My mama just bought me my own scotch laminator and I couldn't be more excited! The best part, it was a million dollars...only about $40! SCORE! I laminate everything because since I don't have a lot of paper, the kids can write on laminated paper using expo markers! :)

6. A drink once in awhile... of course, after a long week!

Self explanatory!

Friday, August 10, 2012

It was bound to happen

My first break down that is.

Today was my first full day of school and it was hectic, to say the least.

Let me start off by saying I LOVE my team and my school. Like I couldn't have picked a better team to work with during my first year of teaching in my own classroom.

Wednesday was a 1/2 day for students. I had 17 enrolled. Our numbers are low school wide, so I was told to expect some to drop or I'd gain some. The other teachers on my team had, 18,17,16, and 16, to begin with. Well, to make the long story short...I now have 18 and the other teachers have 17, 14, 14 and 15. Not to mention the student that was just added to my class this morning is a difficult hard one to work with. I already had a difficult student that I knew would need more attention than the rest. So today, I'm tired, scared, stressed and a lil' overwhelmed.

I left my school around 5:30 and as soon as I got in, the tears started falling. All I wanted to do was go home and have some wine with ANYONE! I really missed my home HOME today. Weekends are the hardest. I'm lonely and the other people I interact with are at the gas station, grocery store or the famous Wal-Mart (which is a whole other post in itself).

My team and I are meeting at the school Sunday to plan for the week. I'm hoping to feel a bit more comfortable with the sense of this year. I'm also hoping my students are better behaved on a schedule and strict routine. I'll keep ya'll updated.

On a lighter note, I wanted to share my classroom pictures. I've realized some things need to be rearranged in my room, but that is not very high on my priority list yet.

I apologize if there might be doubles. WARNING: Picture overload!

Group work table and my reading area in the back

Closer look at my reading carpet.

Calendar time. Self explanatory

Computer center

Books and the kids backpack hooks

My desk area. I decided to not have a desk because it took up too much room. I like this much better.

I'm redoing my word wall. I don't like this one. It's too small. I just put the kids names up there and now I barely have any room for other words. Umph.

Better picture.

Student tables. I'm not thrilled with having 5 students to one table, but I'll work with it.

I'll take more once the kids have 'lived' in it. All you teachers know exactly what I mean.

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!! I'll be in the classroom tomorrow AND Sunday. The first day I'm not at the school, I will definitely let everyone know!

Monday, August 06, 2012

Sorry sorry sorry

Quick update and I promise when I have time to breath I'll post more.

I've been so busy with setting up my classroom that I hadn't even have time to read my favorite blogs :(

Well, I'm all set up and tonight is back to school night. That's when all the students and families come drop off supplies and meet us teachers!

I'm super nervous. Hoping it goes well! Here is a sneak peak of my (almost) finished room!!