Thursday, November 28, 2013

Finally...Turkey Day!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Turkey day! I had parent/teacher conferences Monday and Tuesday. My family drove to Virginia last Saturday morning and so I flew out Tuesday night to meet them in Roanoke. This is the e-mail I compiled to my mom midair from Chicago to Charlotte. ((Let me remind you, I needed to get into Roanoke, VA...)) 


So far, into this hour flight...

1.) there has been continuous baby crying/screaming… they are not stopping to breath either. Continuous, no joke! (oh and did I mention there are now 4 babies on board)

2.) my phone died right after I got off the phone with you (good thing I have my phone charger—hopefully I can find an outlet somewhere in the Charlotte airport…but the way today is going, I’m not counting on it)

3.) a man was getting his jacket out of the overhead bin and the jacket and a small man purse dropped on me….which in turn, made my diet coke spill all over me, oh and did I mention….I was working on all my lesson plans for the next 3 weeks. FML! 

4.) Oh and i figured out Mickey (my pup) peed on my black leggings I have on when I was home (I obviously didn’t realize it) and now I’m smelling it. (these strangers smell just as bad, so I’m not too worried about it)

5.) I found out my flight to Lynchburg is delayed 2 hours!!!

6.) I havent eaten anything except fruit snacks since 11:30 AM...

….can you tell I’m going a tad crazy????

I need a tall glass of wine waiting for me in the car.

Well, I hope everyone has a great turkey day. I'm thankful that I'm finally here and I'm currently in a house that smells great. 
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