Hi Friends! I'm so glad you stopped by. I'm a 'get-to-the-point' kinda gal so here it goes:

  • I'm a mid-twenties girl, living in the suburbs of Chicago
  • I have an amazing small crazy family
  • Yes, I'm living with my parents...again
  • I refer to my boyfriend as The Boy...just not to his face. 
  • I'm a teacher and I love every minute of it. No, I don't do it for the money nor the state tests.
  • I love diet coke. However, I only allow myself one diet coke a week and during the school year, that day is Friday during lunch :)
  • If I was not a teacher, I'd be in a career saving, rehabilitating or working with dogs
  • I dislike people that are shady
  • I can be very indecisive 
  • My dad says I'm funny, intelligent and competitive 
  • I moved to Tennessee in 2012 to accept a 1st grade teaching position. It was my first year teaching and I loved the whole experience. 
  • My mom says I'm fun, loving and caring.
  • I dislike people that are rude
  • My best friend says I'm caring, fun and great! (Whatever 'great' means? lol) She changed it to dependable...silly girl!
  • I love to read but I didn't start to enjoy books until I was an adult
  • The Boy says I'm (first try he said, "pain in ass". I punched him cried and he changed his answer) (second try) beautiful, loving and trustworthy. (Wow babe! Nice second answer!)
  • I'm a runner...on most days. Except when it's been a long day and all I wanna do is enjoy a nice glass of wine and watch reality TV
  • AND last but not least, my favorite holiday is Christmas and the 4th of July! 
I'm the type of girl who has a hard time verbalizing what she's feeling or thinking. However, I can write about anything and everything. Therefore, I can easily put my feelings or thoughts into written words. Check out some of my more popular (and FUN) posts:

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. So nice to "meet" you!!
    I just found your blog!
    So excited to now be following!
    I look forward to keeping up!