Tuesday, November 07, 2017

5th Annual Pumpkin Swap

I was paired up with Esther from Oklahoma. And sad side note: she never received my package and I feel terrible. I mailed it on Friday October 20 and she still hasn't gotten it :( So, I'll be mailing her another one this week. I'm sorry, Esther!

I did receive Esther's fall box and it was AH-mazing!!
Here is everything on our messy dining room table. She also sent a sweet card.

How sweet is this? She got my fur babies halloween toys!! As you'll see in the next few pictures...they LOVED them!

She also got me a candle, that smells amazing, peanut butter cups, that are delicious, and glow fun!!

Here is Tio playing with his toy

And Bronx liked it, too!

Thank you so much Esther for all the fall goodies. The peanut butter cups may or may not already be gone :)

Esther, I so sincerely apologize. I will be mailing your new second package this week.