Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I am on spring break!!!

HAPPY 200th POST!!!
 Holy cow...200 posts. Who knew that people would like to read what I write... 200 posts later!! 

And it feels great. I'm soaking up every minute of friends, family, The Boy and my pups before I head back to the south in a few days. 

Here are some highlights of my last few weeks. I apologize for being MIA.

  • We celebrated my dad's 60th birthday on Saturday with a big party!!
  • I also helped host a bridal shower for one of my very sweet girlfriends. It was nautical theme...did I fit in? (Me, the bride-to-be and my bestie)

  • Last night The Boy and I went to RPM Italian in downtown Chicago, which is Guilanna and Bill's restaurant. Very good, but expensive.
  • I received all of my letters of recommendation from my Principal, vice principal and all of my teammates the Friday before I left and I'm so thankful for how sweet they all were.
  • Job hunting is at a stand still. No new news. I did contact about 12 Principals in the past few weeks, so we'll see.
  • I need to be patient.
  • However, I am still 100% certain of my choice to move back home.
  • Since I've been home, I have completely fallen on my clean eating habit. 
  • Seeing Elle's tweets about her clean eating, is making me even more eager to start back on that as soon as I get back to Tennessee. (YOU GO GIRL!)
  • I haven't thought about school this week yet and it feels nice.
I did get a very reassuring response from Melisa in regards to going to a blogging conference this summer. Anyone else thinking about going to BlogHer '13 in Chicago?? LET ME KNOW!!

I hope everyone else is doing great. I still love BlogLovin', but I'm scared to mark all of my blogs 'mark as read' because I haven't gone through them yet. I have 2273 'unread' blogs according to bloglovin'. What's your thought? Should I just start clean and click 'mark as read' all 2273 of them? Maybe this will be on my todo list lol. 

That's about it. I leave Saturday, so I will blog again on Sunday (EASTER) and let ya know how the rest of life is.  

Have a great week y'all!! 


  1. That number on my BlogLovin' tab gives me anxiety!! So many unread posts and so little time. I think what I've learned is that I follow too many blogs that I don't actually read.

  2. Found you via blog hopping and you're adorable! Firstly, you and your dad are so cute. Secondly, woohoo for spring break! Lastly, that nautical dress? Divine on you!