Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thanks to Rachel I Now Have...

My first EVER blog award!

First off, I started this blog for myself and to have some place of my own to write. So, when other people comment on my blog about things that I've written that interest more than just me, I get super duper excited! 

Well, this morning Rachel left me a comment saying she nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! This is my first ever blog award and I'm more than excited! Thanks Rachel!! I love her blog and all the random things she posts about. Go over and check her out! She is one of the blogs that I read daily!! 

The Rules:
1.Thank the blogger who nominated you (check)
2.Include a link to their site (check)
3.Include the award image in your post (check)
4.Give 7 random facts about yourself (check)
5.Nominate 15 other blogger for the award (check)
6.When nominating, include a link to their site (check)
7.Let the bloggers know they have been nominated (check)

7 Random Facts about me
1. I decided to up and leave my hometown (Chicago) for a teaching job in Tennessee!
2. I hate Pepsi, but LOVE a little too much diet coke.

3. I cannot sleep with socks on, but I HAVE to wear socks around the house everyday, all day.
4. If I could be anything in the world and money not matter, I would open up a dog rescue (similar to Ceasar Milian aka Dog Whisperer) and dog therapy center. 
(These were 2 of the 4 puggle pups that I fostered last summer)

5. I always have to have 2 hair ties around my wrist at all times.
6. I just finished my first 1/2 marathon in May with my sister and Dad up in Wisconsin.
7. My Grandpa was a P.O.W for 3 1/2 years in WWII over in the Philippines. He lived a long, happy, 94 years of life. Love you and miss you Grandpa. RIP.

7 1/2. (shhh...don't tell) But, I wish blogger had an application that would categorize the blogs I read into different subjects (ex: Fashion blogs, family blogs, food blogs, baby blogs, teacher blogs, etc.) 
My life would be so much easier if this was the case. :)

15 other blogs that I want to nominate
(ps. All of these blogs I read on a daily basis---they're THAT good! Please go look for yourself, they are all so different, but that's because I enjoy reading what everyone else is up to in this world) 

1- Shannon @ From Match to Marriage
3- Anne @ Hell on Heels
4- Erin @ Life As It Is
6- Jacki @ Wine Down
7- Jessica @ Fantastically Average
8- Rachel @ Simple Little Joys
9- Hanna @ Bouffe e bambini
10- Kellie @ Another Day Stronger
11- Anna @ A Pair of Kings
12- Caitlin @ The Teacher Box
13- Erin & Leslie @ First Grade Fanatics
15- Mrs. Bear Think Happy Thoughts

Again, please go cruise around and take a look at all of these for yourself.  Some of them I have read for years now. I've been reading Shannon's blog even before she and her husband were expecting lil Hunter and same with Anna who now has newborn Kaden, as of a couple days ago!

Don't you just love blogging?!?!? I DO! (and so do my pups!)


  1. That diet coke picture totally describes my relationship with diet coke! Made me giggle!

  2. I'm definitely a coke girl.. Pepsi products are unacceptable!

  3. Thank you so much for the nomination! You are too sweet!

    I'm also a diet coke girl! I cannot stand pepsi products...