Monday, April 01, 2013

How Awesome!!

I ran across this lovely post from Emily today as I was sorting my blogs on BlogLovin' and I got super excited!!

Newlywed Moments

This is what I've been looking for people! Someone who is willing to help me, give me advice and just discuss all things blogs! I signed up and can't wait to see who my 'big' is. I promised myself I would never be mad or upset about the number of followers I have. Since I started this lil' blog of mine about 2 years ago, I always told myself it was just going to MY place to write...not about followers. Now that I have more than I ever thought, it's nice to get comments or feedback to my questions :)

However, I have to admit that when I saw I lost one stung. But oh well, I'll blog again anyways.

I also ran across Savannah's blog post about "Why she blogs" and I wish I could copy and paste it, because seriously, she couldn't have written it any better. I feel the same exact way, so just go read it yourself! (SHE IS AN AWESOME WRITER!)

I love blogging and I love making connections with other people, but it's so hard not to look at your numbers/stats or start doing things that are "in". I'm hoping I can gain something (ANYthing) from this Big & Little thing. I like link-ups anyways, so it couldn't hurt. Go ahead and join in the fun!!

My baby boy looking so cute in his KU scarf!

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  1. I signed up for the Big Little too!
    It's such a great idea!