Saturday, February 26, 2011

What are YOU wanting??

I was doing my daily blog readings and came across Amy at Amy's Life. She made up a cute list of things she wanted, so I thought I'd tell my blog friends what I wanted as well.

What am I wanting?

-Canon EOS Rebel T1i---I want to learn how to take good pictures!

-Children's Book---I'm going to need lots of these for my classroom

-This bathing suit

-Some Napoli's pizza right now!!
-and to win the lotto :)

That's about it for now! I hope everyone's Saturday is NOT filled with laundry, homework and cleaning...sounds like my Saturday. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday:Random Things about ME!

I'm linking up with Amanda for Top Ten Tuesday.

Random Facts about me, along with the that bother me...

1. I am obsessed with reality tv....a little TOO much
2. I hate when people read or look over my shoulder when I'm reading or looking at something.
3. I want to live out of state for a period of time
4. I have a twitter mainly to stalk famous people (don't laugh)
5. If I could be on any reality tv show I would go on Amazing Race.
6. I CANNOT sleep with socks on.
7. I make to-do lists daily
8. It's a habit to watch the news @ 10 pm...thanks mom and dad
9. I love ice cream
10. And hate coffee, LOVE hot tea.

What a great link-up idea!! :) I love this!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Teaching English Abroad?

I've been thinking a lot lately about traveling abroad after I graduate to teach english abroad. I've read a lot of fellow bloggers posts' about adopting/traveling/studying abroad and I want to too. My sister has been lucky enough to travel a lot more than I have. I could have studied abroad, but since I transfered so many times I didn't want to prolong my Bachelors degree any longer than it is already taking. My Mom asks me where I would like to travel to all the time and the answer I always give is....ANYWHERE! I have never been out of the US (other than Cancun), so anywhere other than here would be amazing. My sister has been to Costa Rica and is currently in Spain. She is lucky enough that she is majoring in spanish so, she can take classes that can transfer over as some sort of credit for her University.

Anyways, I did a little 'googling' (yes, googling is now a verb) last night. I typed in 'Teaching English Abroad'. I was instantly overwhelmed by the opportunities I could I had no idea what a demand there is for english speaking teachers across the world.

I was looking at volunteering options in Africa. I have always wanted to go on an African safari or help with the little kids in orphanages there. Something about these little faces (better kate?) makes me smile. They just look like they'd be so inviting and I would love to be in their company. I would love to teach English to these little guys. It would probably be a life changing experience!
Has anyone traveled abroad to teach English? If so, where? What was your experience like? I'm really debating where to go and what program to go in to. Any suggestions or tips?

Monday, February 14, 2011

THAT couple

How was everyone's Valentines Day?

I had a great Valentines Day on Saturday night with The Boy. It was a very nice actual "DATE". I say that because most of the time we go out to eat, we go to like a pub/bar type restaurant; which I don't mind at all (I love me some bar food). BUT it was nice to just sit and talk without the interruption of cheering going on from the fans of either basketball, hockey or football. The Boy and I also LOVE to people watch. I think he agreed to go to an actual restaurant just because I bribed him with people watching. We figured out the 'types' of couples you usually see out to dinner on Valentines Day. 

1. THAT couple. That are ALL over each other. They don't even know their food got to their table because they can't keep their hands and eyes off each other. They're usually the last couple in the restaurant.
2. The disappoint one. This is usually when the girlfriend is hoping the boyfriend proposes and doesn't. She tries not to SHOW she's upset...but that's a joke, because everyone can tell she is.
3. The bickering couple. Something went wrong before or during dinner. One, or both of them can't let it go. So, they carry on fighting throughout their meal. The waiter can cut the tension with a knife.
4. The lucky couple. The couple that IS genuinely cute and adorable. They enjoy each others company, along with the food and drinks. I call them the 'cute' couple.
5. That newly engaged couple. This is usually the girl who just got engaged either before dinner or during dinner. She shows; her fiance her ring (he knows what the ring looks like, he just traded his right kidney for that ring), the waiter, the non-married couple next to them, the hostess on the way out and then proceeds to take a picture of it on her phone and posts it on facebook or twitter.

Let me know if you think there are any others I haven't seen. Now none of these are BAD...I'm just observant and thought I'd share my observations with everyone! 

Week of 2/14/10 to-do's: UPDATED
1. Finish science lesson plan-use guide
2. Psych reflection paper (do we have to cite?)
3. Math reflection essay---get CD from professor
4. Do science lesson plan powerpoint
5. SCU337- group powerpoint
6. My culture powerpoint
7. Meet with Bobby about Manierre after school program
8. Call doctor and set up appointment
9. Figure out a weekend to go to Ohio (talk with babysitting ma)
10. Start science project on fruits/veggie-started it. Still in work tho.
11. SLEEEEP!!!!
12. Sign up for CPR class
13. Get materials for Monday's EE334 lesson

Sunday, February 13, 2011

So much to little time

If there's one thing anyone close to me knows, I make lists. Very organized, clear, specific lists. I'll make list's for things I have to do within a day, a week and even a list of all my homework, projects and tests for the rest of my quarter. This week is going to be one of THOSE weeks. I have so many to-do's to cross off my listS, that I have a headache right now thinking of everything I have to do. :(

I had my Illinois State Content test this past Saturday as well for Elementary and Middle School as well. It was hard. I'm not going to lie. I'm really scared to get the test results back. That's another thing that is pushing my shoulders down. I hate having tests like that where it taste 6 weeks just to get the results back. I just want to know the results so I can have that weight off my shoulders. It's killin' me!! I know it's either pass or fail, but if I fail then I need to register for the next test ASAP and study...yet again. Ugh! If I pass, than hell ya!!!

Anyways...I'm writing my this weeks to-do list on here too. That way, when I come on here and see the list, I'll think, "Kristen, don't waste time on here when you have 101 other things you can be doing." Even though, reading everyone else's blogs are always more fun than doing homework, papers and projects.

Here it goes....

Week of 2/14/10 to-do's
1. Finish science lesson plan-use guide
2. Psych reflection paper (do we have to cite?)
3. Math reflection essay---get CD from professor
4. Do science lesson plan powerpoint
5. SCU337- group powerpoint
6. My culture powerpoint
7. Meet with Bobby about Manierre after school program
8. Call doctor and set up appointment
9. Figure out a weekend to go to Ohio (talk with babysitting ma)
10. Start science project on fruits/veggie
11. SLEEEEP!!!!

k that's all for now...i'll prolly add more and cross things off, hopefully by tomorrow! (fingers crossed)

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

ATTN: Teachers!!

So I need some help. I'm in a science methods course for teaching at my University. I'm observing/helping out in a 1st/2nd grade mix classroom. In 2 weeks, one of my classmates and I are co-teaching a lesson to the class as big part of our overall grade. The class has been learning about air, wind and weather.

The problem, we only get ONE 50 minute time slot to teach it. I need help finding a lesson plan that has to do with either, air or weather/seasons. I have been looking all over the internet and books and can't really find anything.

Can anyone please help a future-educator out????

Friday, February 04, 2011

A (shameful?) Confession

I have to make a confession.

I love pants...specifically jeans! I don't have a lot of jeans though, maybe 4 GOOD, wearable ones. These days jeans are just so darn expensive. And being a broke college student, I don't have $90 dollars to spend on a good pair of jeans. As well as the money factor, I can never really find jeans that fit me good. I have hips the size of Texas, with barely no butt, thighs that are average, and chicken legs from the knees down. But THESE jeans, made me LOOK like I had an ass (people have told me, "Wow Kris, when'd you get that?" but I'd only get these comments on days I wore THESE jeans....NO OTHER JEANS). Needless to say, shopping for jeans is not a top priority.
(These jeans=$255!!!)

So, I cherish the jeans that fit me well and never get rid of them. My all time favorite pair of jeans, which I'm kinda embarrassed to admit, are from Abercrombie...YES Abercrombie, NOT Abercrombie & Fitch. Now for those of you who don't know the difference: Abercrombie (at least 10 years ago) was strictly for children and therefore, baby and kids sizes/styles. Abercrombie & Fitch, is the big kid store aka the adult clothing store. It may have changed since, but the last pair of jeans I bought from Abercrombie was probably from 2000. I was 11 years old.

Confession: I JUST threw them away last week. To be completely honest...I was so sad. I had worn these jeans (probably) at least 1 day every week for 10 plus years! Now normally, I would be embarrassed to even admit this, but these jeans fit me PERFECTLY from the moment I bought them until about a week ago. That doesn't happen to much anymore. I buy a pair of jeans that I try on and they fit me in the dressing room. I then buy them, wear them and then wash them. By the time I put them on again their either way to big on my hips, to tight on my thighs or too short, looking like capris.

Well, last week, I went to go sit "Indian Style" on the floor in my apartment to do homework, and I heard a ripping sound. I looked down and saw a huge rip in the crotch seem. NO JOKE...I was so sad.
(you can kind of see the rip up near the BC seem.)

The rip is so large that they're unwearable. So I contemplated on what to do with them. I took them off and went to go put them in the garbage and then I thought, 'What I'm I doing? I have worn these amazing jeans for 10 years! I can't just throw them away!' So I had to take a picture of them, along with the size of the jeans.
(I'm now realizing the word 'Strech' before the 16. Maybe that's why I have fit in them for so long)

Mind you...I bought these when I was in Jr. High. Now, I'm really wondering if I am actually the same size now, as I was back in Jr. High. Should I be happy that I was still fitting in kids size 16 jeans at the age of 22? Or should I be ignoring that and just realizing that as I got bigger, the jeans just put up with my growth and weight gain just to make me happy?