Monday, March 04, 2013

5 for Five!!!!!

Happy Monday!! I think I'm getting my last unannounced observation this week, so I'm kinda nervous! Happy goal setting!! 
5 for Five once again with Jenn and Jessica.

I did better than last week. But, still no 5 for 5! 

The pups looking so cuteee!!! I just couldn't help it!
Last Week's Goals:
1. Start the book I chose.
2. Organize my closet.
3. Finish my new resume and cover letter (story to come soon!)
4. Send out some snail mail. I love sending mail! :)
5. Work out 4 days a week. (I needed to be more specific this week)

This Week's Goals:
1. START READING A NEW BOOK!!! (let's go Kristen. You have so many books on your book list!)
2. Organize my closet (last night I cleaned the rest of my room and bookcase, so now is my closet)
3. DO NOT GO TO THE STORE!! I have enough food to make 4 different full size recipes right now!!
4. Send out more resumes to Chicagoland districts
5. (This might seem silly) But DO NOT pick my nails. This is such a bad habit. I pick at them when I'm anxious, nervous or have a lot on my mind. 2 weeks ago, when I told my Principal I wasn't coming back next year, I had picked all my nails. I take vitamins daily, so I know they will grow back soon, but I need a constant reminder to stop touching them!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday! 


  1. Don't you just hate those surprise evaluations? Luckily when those happened to me, I had my kiddos trained for when the principal walked in the room. Good luck :)

  2. Ugh surprise evaluations are horrible. I adore my new principal but it still makes me nervous! Good luck! Have you tried a shellac manicure? The shellac doesn't hurt your nails and the polish stays for weeks. It's my reward for not picking lol