Monday, March 11, 2013

5 for Five: Once again

I cannot believe how gorgeous it was yesterday. I was outside for hours just reading, playing with the dogs, blogging and I loved every minute of it!
And Monday, we meet again. At least this means it's time for 5 for Five!!

5 for Five once again with Jenn and Jessica.

Last week's goals:
1. START READING A NEW BOOK!!! (let's go Kristen. You have so many books on your book list!) I'm not reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. So far so good! :)
2. Organize my closet (last night I cleaned the rest of my room and bookcase, so now is my closet)
3. DO NOT GO TO THE STORE!! I have enough food to make 4 different full size recipes right now!! I only went yesterday and it was because I NEEDED milk and bread! That's it, so that's pretty good! :)
4. Send out more resumes to Chicagoland districts And sent e-mails to 2 Principals. :)
5. (This might seem silly) But DO NOT pick my nails. This is such a bad habit. I pick at them when I'm anxious, nervous or have a lot on my mind. 2 weeks ago, when I told my Principal I wasn't coming back next year, I had picked all my nails. I take vitamins daily, so I know they will grow back soon, but I need a constant reminder to stop touching them!

3 outta 5...not too shabby!!

This Week's Goals:
1. STILL no picking at nails.
2. Save all my receipts for the remaining of the month.
3. Continue the book I started!
4. Work out 5 out of 7 days this week.
5. Get the packages I have out into the mail!!! 

I have a funny feeling that I'm getting observed today or tomorrow so wish me luck!! :) It'll be my last one for the whole year!! 

Source: via Nailah on Pinterest

Also, I'm treating myself to a new blog facelift soon AND when the times right a possible change in the blog name?? Stay tuned!! 

Stop on over to congratulate Hanna on little baby Tosh. She is one of my favorite bloggers ever... not to mention this is her 3rd baby in 3 years!!! YOU GO HANNA!

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