Monday, January 31, 2011

My birthday, midterms and a snow storm....OH MY!!

Sorry I've been MIA lately. A lot has been going on. 

Friday night I went out to a delicious birthday dinner with my family. The next morning we kicked her off shipped my sister off to Spain. She's there safe and sound. She's lucky because Chicago is suppose to get a record breaking snow storm tomorrow and Wednesday. Why can't I be in Spain? So Friday night I stayed in with my roommie. We ate ice cream and watched House Hunters International! OUR FAV!!

Saturday I slept in. Which was a birthday present in itself! Then The Boy came. We went out to dinner for my birthday and we came home around 7 only for me to be completely shocked that my 3 friends were there to surprise me for my birthday!! I was so happy because I thought I'd just be celebrating with The Boy and my roommie (which still would have been a blast in a glass-haha), so needless to say I had a great night of celebrating the big 22! The Boy got MAJOR points for putting together a surprise party just for me and making me a scrapbook of pictures of us! He's the best! 

So Sunday was definitely a lazy day. The Boy, roommate and I went out to brunch. He left and I tried to studied for my midterms this week. Monday's and Wednesday's are my long days on campus so I packed a handy dandy lunch and headed to class at 7:30 this morning! (I love my lunch sack I got for Christmas!) 

Today, in one of my midterms that fire alarm went off in the whole building so we had to stop and hand in the exam. We found out that there was either a toilet that was overflowing and couldn't stop OR that there really was a small fire on the 5th floor...either way I was excited because after we were allowed back in the building, my Professor decided just to give us back the exam so we could take it home to complete! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! 
Me, B and C.

Chicago is also suppose to get a record breaking snow storm. My school has been issuing warnings like crazy. And since it's midterm week, I'll be happy to have classes cancelled, so I can study for one more week! :) 

6 more weeks of the quarter til spring break in Spain Chicago???

To Fellow Midwesterner's: Travel Safe and Stay inside if you can. It's going to be a brutal one!


  1. Hey! "The Boy" did pretty good! Nice job, and I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday. Sorry we're not there tonight to take you out. Happy 22nd!!!!!

  2. I'm glad you had a good birthday!! We have to go out and celebrate soon dear, I miss you too!! I hear Depaul has cancelled all classes for today and at least you get a little bit of time off. I have a crazy next few weeks with midterms and stuff but after that, we're going out together :) Stay safe in the snow!!

  3. Just wanted to say Belated Happy Birthday!!!!