Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I need a vacation

So tomorrow is the last day of classes for the week for me, and let me tell you...I'm already wanting spring break. So this looks so good to me right about now.

Yesterday, I had a doctor's appointment and my Dad came with me incase I needed to have a small day surgery procedure. Thankfully, everything looked great and needed no procedure. Afterwards, my Dad and I went out to dinner and we were talking about going to Spain over spring break! My younger sister is going to Spain for a whole semester to study spanish...that's one of her majors. She leaves in at the end of January and so we could go visit her on my spring break. I was so excited. If we decide to do that, it will give me motivation to get through this tough quarter. 

Has anyone ever been to Spain? If I go, are there any places or restaurants I MUST see?

AND...I can cross off 'traveling outside the United States' on my 2011 bucket list. It's going to be my mission to go SOMEWHERE over spring break. I'm hoping Spain OR Vegas. 

If you could go anywhere on spring break, where would you go??

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