Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"The Beach"....take me there now!

So I recently read a post by Shell at Things I Can't Say, that made me realize how much I miss my all time favorite vacation spot, Ocean Isle Beach, NC. My family has been going there since I was born. My mom was pregnant with my sister when I first went. We go every year. We would go with a bunch of people and we all lived in the same house and split the cost. I LOVED living/eating/playing with 9 other people all the time. My aunt, uncle, my cousin Rick, my dad's best friend from college and his wife, my best friend S and her family of 4, were what we came to call 'the usuals' that would end up going every year. The first year we went as 'the usuals' was probably 1997(estimated guess)? We rent a house for a week with about 6 bedrooms(even 1 room exclusively named "the kids" room, just for all the kids to sleep in) and just relax, play in the ocean, go fishing, jet skiing and just play games and enjoy the company of loved one.
My best friend and I in the ocean. This is my friend whole family also comes with. My parents are now best friends with them too! :)
the kids on the way to dinner. Every year, as we all got older, the adults decided to dedicate one night of dinner to the kids. This meant that one night the kids had to make dinner for all the adults. This was a lot of fun. We usually made tacos; it was easy and everyone loves tacos!
Me and S jumping in our pool on a beautiful day!
My all-time favorite thing to do....JETSKIING!!!
wow. This is such an old picture. I think we're all getting ready to leave for the week. We all look so young!! OH_MY_GOSH!
S and I on the beach at night. You can't see the water, but I promise that's where we are. You can see S's hair all was very windy out. 

My best friend S again. Using her mad fishing skills from her Dad. I think this was in 1998 or 1999?

hahaha. My sister just hanging out by the pool. This is my 'little' sister way back when she was 'little'. She's now 20 years old and can kick my butt (but I won't admit that to her) lol.
My ALL time FAVORITE picture of my little sister at 'the beach'

I recommend this place to anyone who just wants to relax and have fun. My family usually went at the end of July beginning of August, and we always have beautiful whether! But anytime of year is also great! And if you don't want to rent a house, there are tons of condos, apartments and hotels for you to rent out for however long you want need a vacation! I cannot wait to go back. Some of my favorite memories are from "The Beach".

Someone take me there NOW.....pleaseee... :)

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  1. What a coincidence -- It's my favorite place too!! Great place, great times -- always. Love my family and friends and the times we have there.