Saturday, January 22, 2011


I've been pretty shitty the past couple of days. Thursday morning I woke up with my tonsils the size of golf balls. They hurt so bad, I could barely swallow without cringing.

So I finally went to the doctor this morning and she did a strept test....and it came back negative. I was hoping it was positive so I can just take the medicine and feel better. But nooooo, of course it wasn't. So she goes, "well maybe you have mono," Greatttt...just what I need in the middle of my quarter when I have 2 papers due every week and midterms coming up.....greattt!!! So I have to go confirm next week with a blood test. Which sucks. Since there is no cute for mono, I just have to wait it out and just drink lots of liquids and cough drops. I also can only eat soft food, which i love soup and ice cream but I'm a girl with a hardy appetite...i LOVE to eat so this sucks.

Any suggestions for a sore throat and throbbing headaches???

346 days left til I student teach in an actually REAL classroom. ugh so far away still.


  1. I hope you are feeling better!
    You need to boil fresh ginger root (chopped in about 1/4 inch pieces) in about 6 cups water for 15 minutes. strain, pour some in a mug with fresh squeezed lemon about 2 tablespoons and a heaping spoon of honey.


  2. Hope you are feeling better.

    I remember the countdown to student teaching...enjoy school now, though. Student teaching is like having a full time job!