Friday, February 04, 2011

A (shameful?) Confession

I have to make a confession.

I love pants...specifically jeans! I don't have a lot of jeans though, maybe 4 GOOD, wearable ones. These days jeans are just so darn expensive. And being a broke college student, I don't have $90 dollars to spend on a good pair of jeans. As well as the money factor, I can never really find jeans that fit me good. I have hips the size of Texas, with barely no butt, thighs that are average, and chicken legs from the knees down. But THESE jeans, made me LOOK like I had an ass (people have told me, "Wow Kris, when'd you get that?" but I'd only get these comments on days I wore THESE jeans....NO OTHER JEANS). Needless to say, shopping for jeans is not a top priority.
(These jeans=$255!!!)

So, I cherish the jeans that fit me well and never get rid of them. My all time favorite pair of jeans, which I'm kinda embarrassed to admit, are from Abercrombie...YES Abercrombie, NOT Abercrombie & Fitch. Now for those of you who don't know the difference: Abercrombie (at least 10 years ago) was strictly for children and therefore, baby and kids sizes/styles. Abercrombie & Fitch, is the big kid store aka the adult clothing store. It may have changed since, but the last pair of jeans I bought from Abercrombie was probably from 2000. I was 11 years old.

Confession: I JUST threw them away last week. To be completely honest...I was so sad. I had worn these jeans (probably) at least 1 day every week for 10 plus years! Now normally, I would be embarrassed to even admit this, but these jeans fit me PERFECTLY from the moment I bought them until about a week ago. That doesn't happen to much anymore. I buy a pair of jeans that I try on and they fit me in the dressing room. I then buy them, wear them and then wash them. By the time I put them on again their either way to big on my hips, to tight on my thighs or too short, looking like capris.

Well, last week, I went to go sit "Indian Style" on the floor in my apartment to do homework, and I heard a ripping sound. I looked down and saw a huge rip in the crotch seem. NO JOKE...I was so sad.
(you can kind of see the rip up near the BC seem.)

The rip is so large that they're unwearable. So I contemplated on what to do with them. I took them off and went to go put them in the garbage and then I thought, 'What I'm I doing? I have worn these amazing jeans for 10 years! I can't just throw them away!' So I had to take a picture of them, along with the size of the jeans.
(I'm now realizing the word 'Strech' before the 16. Maybe that's why I have fit in them for so long)

Mind you...I bought these when I was in Jr. High. Now, I'm really wondering if I am actually the same size now, as I was back in Jr. High. Should I be happy that I was still fitting in kids size 16 jeans at the age of 22? Or should I be ignoring that and just realizing that as I got bigger, the jeans just put up with my growth and weight gain just to make me happy?


  1. Wow! Still able to wear them? I'm jealous.

    Though, if you can fit into kids' jeans, your hips are NOT the size of Texas. :)

  2. This post makes me crack up Kristen! too funny :)
    But I am sorry about your jeans. I hate when that happens

  3. We could have given them to Grandma and she could have made a quilt out of them! Love the post!

  4. Well, I'm with you when I find a pair of jeans I like I hold onto them for as long as I can fit into them -- although it probably wouldn't be 10 years since I've changed shape (ahem!) quite a bit since having kids :-)

    I think it's great that you had them for 10 years -- maybe you could make them into a pillow or something like that to recycle them.

    I'm a new follower.


  5. Hi, Thanks for the blog visit, comment and the follow...

    I still have the same snow pants that I bought when I was 20 years old...I am in my mid-thirties now. I paid $250.00 which seemed like so much at the time...but I definitely have gotten my moneys worth. Every winter, I pray I will still fit into my snow pants...I have had two children since.

    There is nothing worse than having to say goodbye to a good pair of jeans,

    My condolences!

  6. :)
    I hope you find jeans that you can cherish for the next 10 years!!