Sunday, January 02, 2011

Classes Start tomorrow...what?

I can't believe my classes start tomorrow. I've been on break for 7 weeks and it definitely did not feel like it.  On the bright side I turn the BIG 22 in 29 days. That's crazy!!

I also just realized this is the last FULL year of academic classes I will take at DePaul. I could not be any happier!! This time next year I will be freaking out about student teaching in an actually classroom. That's crazy talk. Hopefully, I'll feel prepared and more importantly excited about it. I really have enjoyed DePaul so far. The School of Education has been spectacular with me and my transfer credits and what not.
This classroom looks so fun!

I'm already starting to picture my ideal classroom, how I want the desks, the reading corner...oh-my-gosh, I can go on forever. I just get thinking about my own space, my own classROOM and get so excited. I am scared, how ever, that it's going to be tough finding a teaching job in the areas I want. Teaching job openings these day's are hard to find; especially, in Illinois. Jokingly, when my Dad asked what I wanted for Christmas this year I said, "To have a secure and permanent teaching job when I'm done student teaching!" He laughed, but it is really what I want. Hopefully, next Christmas something good will come for me and my teaching career.

I was extremely excited when I got a gift-card to LakeShore Learning Center from The Boy. I thought, 'Ohhhh the things I can buy with this!'

Well, I'm off to finish watching the Bears and Colts. And hopefully, finish organizing my folders, notebooks and binders before class starts at 8 am. AHHHH!!!

Anyone have any advice for how to get to sleep early when I've stayed up past midnight AND slept til 11:30 AM the past two mornings?!?!?


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  3. Good luck with all your classes. I can relate to you in a way because for my career I'm going to be a teacher. I am going to teach Italian to middle school students. What kind of teacher are you going to be?

    Reading always makes me tired, try reading before you go to sleep, this way it will tire you out. Another option could be watching a movie before you go to sleep.