Monday, November 26, 2012

5 for Five- Week 7

I'm linking up, once again, with Jessica and Jenn for 5 for Five this week! Join in on the fun! Wow- It has already been 7 weeks of this fun blog hop!

Link up with us at the start of the work week to set five goals that you want to accomplish in the next five days!! 


Green= Things I accomplished
Red= The ones I didn't do- opps!
ORANGE= are the things I half did...yes, I made this color up because it was needed with some of my goals! 

Last week's goal:
1. Keep a food journal 
2. Post my favorite things giveaway    Click here to enter!! 6 more days! 
3. Spend quality time with my family, friends and The Boy, without thinking about school work or lesson plans.
4. Continue reading my book I started. 
5. Meal plan my next 2 weeks, after I come back from Thanksgiving.

New goals for this week:
1. Start and KEEP a food journal. No excuses- just have been too busy? I figured I'd wait until after Thanksgiving anyways :)
2. Continue my book I started. For those wondering it's Nicholas Sparks, A Bend in the Road (So good so far---only on chapter 4 though)
3. Meal plan the next 2 weeks (I'll do this tonight)
4. No texting/checking e-mails/tweeting while driving! (I know, I know, it's a horrible habit---but it makes the 30 minute drive home more bearable. Just NOT worth it! I need to stop!)
5. Start thinking about christmas presents, or at least make a list of people I need to get gifts for. 

GO CHECK OUT MY FAVORITE THINGS GIVEAWAY! Not many people have entered so your chances are good! :)


  1. This is a cool thing. :) I rather like the idea and might adopt it as well.
    I won't lie, I sometimes text when I drive as well.
    <3 Jenn

  2. I'm loving the favorite things giveaway! That's such a cute idea! I used to be really bad about texting and being on my phone while driving. Instead I wait until I'm at a red light completely stopped and if I absolutely have to check my phone, I do it then. lol Thanks for stopping by my blog! :-)

  3. YAY! Thanks for linking up :) I love that you did! I've always made sure to enter your favorite things giveaway! I've got my fingers crossed to win this one ;)

    I need to stop texting/tweeting/emailing/etc while I'm driving, too! I'm really bad about it.

    Good luck on your goals this week, I KNOW you can do it!

  4. Thanks for linking up! I'm so glad you met your favorite things goal - I just entered! Also, I am with you on the texting/tweeting/doing anything on my phone while driving - my drive to and from school is SO long but it is NOT worth it. And good for you for taking time to not even think about school - that is harder to do than most people realize!