Monday, November 19, 2012

5 for Five- Week 6

I'm linking up, once again, with Jessica and Jenn for 5 for Five this week! Join in on the fun!

Link up with us at the start of the work week to set five goals that you want to accomplish in the next five days!! 


Green= Things I accomplished
Red= The ones I didn't do- opps!
ORANGE= are the things I half did...yes, I made this color up because it was needed with some of my goals! 

Last week's goal:
1. Book my flight home for Christmas. IF I don't do this now, it'll get more expensive! Wah!
2. Finish taking pictures and getting the post written for my giveaway.
3. Go in and talk to my leasing office about this apartment.
4. Keep a food journal. No, I'm not going on (or been on) a diet, but I have the most unbearable stomach pains. I WILL get to the bottom of this. If you want to read what I've already tried and my journey through frustrations, read it here.
5. Go send letters and advent calendar by going to the UPS store. (You might laugh, but I've had 6 letters addressed and all, sitting on my desk for 4 weeks and so I need to do this!)

Yay!! I thought I wouldn't do so hot considering I didn't look at my goals until last night. Go ME! :) 
-I have all but ONE thing for my giveaway. I will get it today and take pictures and THEN put it up!
-I totally forgot about my food journal and need to do it ASAP!

New goals for this week:
1. Keep a foor journal (this will be interesting considering Thanksgiving is this week-but my stomach is STILL killing me!)
2. Post my favorite things giveaway
3. Spend quality time with my family, friends and The Boy, without thinking about school work or lesson plans.
4. Continue reading my book I started. 
5. Meal plan my next 2 weeks, after I come back from Thanksgiving.

Also, I had some people ask how my carmel apple cider turned out....AHHH-MAZING!! It even taste good reheated in the microwave! 

I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday. This girl couldn't be happier that it's only a 2 day work week!!! (Insert extremely happy face here!!)


  1. These are great goals! Enjoy your time off & Yay for apple cider turning out :)

  2. You did great last week! Go you! There are some awesome goals this week and I know you we're successful w your giveaway post! Can't wait to enter!! Thanks for linking up with us again this week :)