Saturday, December 01, 2012


Thank goodness it's Saturday! It has been one heck of a week.

Our Elf on the shelf came into our classrooms this week and he was working wonders at the beginning of the week....come Friday I had to remind my kids he is still watching everyone.

I've had a trying week in the classroom. It brings me to tears to my eyes tothink about my kids not having the kind of Christmas I had growing up. Most of my kids won't experience the Christmas magic. Another little girl, who seriously has my heart, is struggling BIG time. I had a meeting with some other teachers and adminstrators about her academic performance and what I can do to help her. She is one of my disadvantaged kids (without going into too much details) and her mom is in and out of her life. She is attached to me not only emotionally, but physically; she always needs to be close to me. It just BREAKS my heart! Anyways, I left that meeting wanting to just take her home with me and show her a life she deserves. I am her only hope. Anyways.... more updates to come about our Elf who we named, Jingle. 

Wednesday, I tried my chance at the big LOTTO. No luck. But, even if I did win, I would't tell anyone. :)

Last night, I watched 20/20 and had some much needed wine. 
I was so excited when I woke up this morning because it's finally DECEMBER!!! It definitely didn't feel like it though because it was 70 degrees out!! I love winter and everything about it. My pale skin doesn't care too much for the heat or sun, even though I do, so winter is our preference. I also got excited because I participated in a wonderful advent calendar swap and Jenn is my partner. I got to open my first day today. I'll do a post on that later in December to let y'all know what I got. 

I also need to figure out what to get for The Boy, my mom, dad, sister and coworkers at school? Suggestions please?

Last call for my favorite things giveaway. It's ending tomorrow night!

Tomorrow's todo list:
Mail out a few things
Put together my christmas lists for the people I'm buying for. 
Make stockings for my kids for my classrooms 12 days of christmas (post to come)
Bake something? I love baking!! Any ideas or suggestions? 

Hope everyone is having a great relaxing Saturday!

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  1. I love this post. You are wonderful for taking that little girl under your wing. It breaks my heart to hear about the hard things that my students have had to go through - and it's probably even harder for you because you have little kids. I wish I could give them all the great childhood that I got to have!