Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's one of those days

I just feel BLAH! I'm not sure why either. I woke up in a great mood, wanting to accomplish a lot. I made a quick errand with Mrs. D and then went to the UPS store. I did send off my advent calendar stuff for Jenn! :) I can't wait until she receives it!

Then, I went to Starbucks to grab a drink. I still have a gift card there, so luckily I didn't spend money there. Money has been a huge stressor lately, but I'm trying to not think about it and just go on with my day-to-day activities. Then, I tried calling The Boy because I hadn't heard from him all morning and he worked late last night. It was about noon. He answered but was cranky and short with me. It just added to my BLAH day.

So, I came home and decided to make some book marks for my students and some Carmel Apple Spice Cider. Here is the original pin that I repinned. Fortunately, I already had all the stuff. 

And here is mine. I used a dip crock pot because I wasn't making a huge batch of it, but wanted enough to last me a couple days and it worked perfectly!!

As this was cooking away, I started cutting out retelling bookmarks for my students. I had leftover paint chips (FREE from WalMart!) that I used for another literacy center and just typed up what I wanted the students to recall.

This year, we're trying to really push retelling. Specifically, so it can align with DIBELS testing. In theory, they read a passage for one minute and then they have to retell the story they just read accurately in one minute. So, we decided to make these little bookmarks. I think I'm the last one to make these in my grade, but hey, it's better late than never. I'm hoping, as my students read, they'll look at their bookmarks afterwards to try to recall what they just read about. Hey, anything to get them thinking. 

Directions (pretty simple):
Cut out typed out words.
Glue onto each color strip.
Laminate and then cut out and waaaa-laaa!!
You now have wonderful, STURDY, retelling bookmarks!
Here are the final products.
My goals this week are questionable. I'm scared to look at them tomorrow to see how I did. I'll wait until tomorrow. I'm hoping some carmel apple cider and good TV tonight and change my mood. I can't wait to be home in 3 days!!!!


  1. I love the bookmarks! Cute idea.

    How did the cider taste? I've been looking for a good, easy recipe.

  2. The bookmarks look awesome! I have been meaning to try out that cider recipe, I pinned it also - how did it taste?

  3. I made those bookmarks for my students last year and they worked so well! They loved them! I'm contemplating if I should use them with my 3rd graders or not.