Monday, November 12, 2012

5 for Five- Week 5

I'm linking up, once again, with Jessica and Jenn for 5 for Five this week! Join in on the fun!

Link up with us at the start of the work week to set five goals that you want to accomplish in the next five days!! 


Green are things I accomplished and the ones in red are the ones I didn't do- opps! And a new color- ORANGE are the things I half did...if that makes sense! :)

Last Week's Goals:
1. Start reading my new book.
2. Book my flight home for Christmas
3. Figure out my living situation (This place is too expensive for me- I hate living paycheck-to-paycheck!)
4. Get My favorite things giveaway sorted out and bought! :) YAY!! (This means figuring out how to do a giveaway. Tips and suggestions are wanted! lol)
5. Finish everything in my fridge before I buy anything else (excluding milk and bread!)

-I have researched some other apartment complexes, but have yet to discuss breaking my lease with my current apartment leaser. 
-My giveaway is coming together. I'm going out today (on my day off :) to finish shopping for it!

Now, this week's goal:
1. Book my flight home for Christmas. IF I don't do this now, it'll get more expensive! Wah!
2. Finish taking pictures and getting the post written for my giveaway.
3. Go in and talk to my leasing office about this apartment.
4. Keep a food journal. No, I'm not going on (or been on) a diet, but I have the most unbearable stomach pains. I WILL get to the bottom of this. If you want to read what I've already tried and my journey through frustrations, read it here.
5. Go send letters and advent calendar by going to the UPS store. (You might laugh, but I've had 6 letters addressed and all, sitting on my desk for 4 weeks and so I need to do this!)

Hope everyone has a great Veterans Day! Thank you so very much Grandpa for serving our country so long ago! Love you and miss you everyday!!

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  1. Good luck with the may be able to talk them into a lower rate.

    New follower from 5 for 5!

    Jill @ And Life Goes On

  2. You did well this week! I always look to Southwest for flights because they tell you the exact price right up front and there's no hidden fees. Plus they are a great airline!