Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So What Wednesday

Yes...another post. I just love all 3 hops and I have the time today so I said "Why not?"
I'm linking up with Shannon for So What Wednesday.

-So what if I've gone into school on my week off. I'm getting a lot done, so get off my back.

-So what if I still don't feel like I fit in down here. I'm not sure if time will tell, or I really just belong in the midwest.

-So what if I've been thinking about my future a lot... I love day dreaming of all the possibilities my life has!

-So what if I've been looking  at jobs for The Boy. He needs a better job- end of discussion!

-So what if I miss home. It's not the same down here all by myself

-So what if I'm getting my eye lashes tinted. They're white and I spend too much $ on mascara. I'll keep you posted. My appointment is tomorrow at 11:45! YES!

Now it's time to go read everyone else's "so what if's". LOVE this!


  1. eye lash tinting?? I have never heard of it! Let us know how it goes! What exactly do they do?

  2. I've also had my eyelashes permed. I love having them tinted for two seasons: allergy season and vacations :) No muss no fuss. Love it!