Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting...

One of my all time favorite hops! It's probably because after subscribing to Pinterest over a year ago, I am still obsessed. Anyone else feel the same way?

I just made a board on Pinterest called, "Yes...My Christmas List." I made it because as I'm getting older there is not much I want, except those more expensive things that I need. Almost everyone in my family is on Pinterest as well, so what a better idea to help them with what things I could actually use! :) Here we go...

No one told me the nats are HORRIBLE in the south. My apartment had (no joke) around 75 at any given time. After the exterminator came, a few were still lingering. I did this and poof. Gone! AMEN!

I made these last week. GONE! So good! Highly recommended.  

I hope to make some of these soon. But first, I need friends down here. lol

I want to do this with my co-workers baby shower in a few months!

I made this drink---DEFINITELY A KEEP! It will save me tons of $$$!!

Source: via Kristen on Pinterest
First, I need a pair of brown boots. Then, hopefully I can add a pop of color! :)

Like these!

Ok, that is all! Take a look at my other post today and one more to come! That's what happens when you have a fall break for one week! :)

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