Monday, December 10, 2012

5 for Five- Week 9

I'm linking up, once again, with Jessica and Jenn for 5 for Five this week! Join in on the fun! Wow- It has already been 9 weeks of this fun blog hop!

Link up with us at the start of the work week to set five goals that you want to accomplish in the next five days!! 


Green= Things I accomplished
Red= The ones I didn't do- opps!
ORANGE= are the things I half did...yes, I made this color up because it was needed with some of my goals! 

Last week's goal:
1. START my food journal. Darn stomach issues. I WILL accomplish this one this week! I have even got a pretty little notebook to get me motivated to start this (how sad is that).

2. Meal plan for the next 2 weeks. This includes finding recipes and going grocery shopping! Pay Day is this week! Hells yes!! (I meal planed the next 2 weeks. Never ended up needing to go to the store---except for milk and bread)

3. Absolutely NO texting/tweeting/on the phone while driving. (I did A LOT better, but not 100% no on-the-phone)

4. Send out some gifts. I am so happy it's Christmas season. I LOVE giving gifts, more than receiving me weird, but it's true! And even sent out 7 different Christmas cards! I love Christmas!! 

5. Bake some new cookies for the faculty and staff at my school. Anyone have some good favorites? I would love some recommendations! I baked some new cookies, but I put them in the freezer until closer to Christmas.

New goals for this week: 

1. Maintain my food journal
2. If I have a tough day at school, make sure when I get home I leave it all behind me.
3. (This one was from last week and I still want to accomplish this one) ABSOLUTELY NO texting/tweeting while driving!!
4. Not purchase ONE thing this week. I bought my Starbucks instant VIA packs awhile back- so I'm set to go! :)
5. Send out 3 more cards with pictures of my class!
5 1/2. Comment on more blogs (especially one's that I love and never comment!) :)

13 more nights until I'm home for Christmas. Cannot wait! I hope everyone has a great Monday! 
I look forward to reading everyone's goals as we get closer to the Holidays.

Congrats Meghan! The winner of my first ever giveaway! Your box should be arriving soon!!!


  1. The no-phone-while-driving goal is a good one! I have a bad habit of that, too. I try to justify it by saying "only at red lights isn't that bad", but IT IS! Good luck this week :)

  2. Oh wow, #4 would be WAY too hard for me, lol! Even if it's something small, it seems like I'm always buying something!!!

    Best wishes with your list for the week! Happy Monday!

  3. I love the no texting/tweeting while driving goal. I have a slight problem with that as well! I mean...I know it's bad, but sometimes that's when the interesting ideas happen and I just HAVE to tweet about it!

    Good luck on your goals and have a fantastic week!

  4. LOVE your goals #2 and 3 for this week. It's hard sometimes to leave a tough day at school, but you gotta do it or else you'll go crazy! And I am also guilty of texting while driving - so bad. I need to stop too.