Monday, December 17, 2012

Five for 5---Week 10!

Holy cow! Ten weeks of linking up just to post my weekly goals. Next week, I want to go back and see how many goals (out of 50) I've actually completed. 

Link up with Jessica and Jenn at the start of the work week to set five goals that you want to accomplish in the next five days!! 


Green= Things I accomplished
Red= The ones I didn't do- opps!
ORANGE= are the things I half did...yes, I made this color up because it was needed with some of my goals! 

Last week's goal:
1. Maintain my food journal

2. If I have a tough day at school, make sure when I get home I leave it all behind me.
3. ABSOLUTELY NO texting/tweeting while driving!! I'm only putting it in orange because I really think I did not text/tweet once...but I'm not 100% certain, so it's in orange.
4. Not purchase ONE thing this week. I bought my Starbucks instant VIA packs awhile back- so I'm set to go! :) (I bought milk, eggs, and gas-darn it!)
5. Send out 3 more cards with pictures of my class! (Yes! I love sending out cards!)

5 1/2. Comment on more blogs (especially one's that I love and never comment!)

New goals for this week: 
1. NO texting/tweeting/ on the phone while driving. I did pretty well this past week, but now it needs to be out of habit that I cannot be on my phone.
2. No purchasing anything until I leave Friday. (I say Friday because, let's be serious, I cannot go into an airport and NOT buy a magazine or Starbucks!)
3. Finish and put up my post about cameras! (I need your help!)
4. Find an ugly sweater AND New Years Eve dress without spending $$$
5. Hug ALL of my students tighter everyday this week! 

**And remind myself, even when they cause me splitting headaches, they are just babies with a life full of possibilities. I need to CHERISH the laughter AND craziness that occurs on a daily basis in my classroom because we are never promised tomorrow.

Please keep the Sandy Cook school and families in your prayers this week. I am wearing green and white today, along with the rest of my colleagues, in honor of those 26 innocent children and heroic administrators/teachers at Sandy Cook Elementary School.


  1. Ugly sweater and NYE dress without spending money....sounds like quite the challenge to me. Good luck with your goals this week. Love this idea.

  2. I've been practicing not texting while driving, it's hard to put your phone out of reach but also in reach if there's an emergency! Great goals!