Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Little Humble Abode

I'm pretty set here at my apartment. All the boxes are finally all out and it feels nice to come home and relax. Well, home in the sense that this is home for the next year. So far, I like it down here. I don't like the constant heat and humidity, but hey that's what the south is all about- eh?

Now onto pictures.
This is what it looks like right now. Teacher binder stuff everywhere.

This was when my desk area was 'clean'. lol

The view from the kitchen area

My galley kitchen. Cute but small.

View from the living room.

My bedroom. Typical square room. My bed and TV are the only things in there. 

The view from the corner of my room.

My absolutely favorite part of my apartment. My walk-in closet!

I'm not sure how I ever lived WITH OUT one!!

My bathroom when I was still unpacking. It's your typical bathroom. Except, I don't like the water pressure from the shower head. It's too light or soft. Whatever you wanna call it. I'll have to clean it or something. 

More of my kitchen. I realized with all the cooking I've done lately, in my next apartment or house I need MORE counter space. This one has barely any. And my disposal is starting to stink. Any ideas why?? 

More kitchen... you get the idea. lol

Another pic of my desk space.

More pictures of my FINALLY finished classroom to come soon!! I'm so excited to be done with it. All I red to do is put the dolche words up on my Word Wall and put down the name tags on the tables. I don't have my class list yet, so I haven't done that.

And Saturday, after a long day (7 hours- yes on a SATURDAY) in my classroom, I had to reward myself with a little frozen yogurt. It was delicious and definitely worth it!
The aftermath of my frozen yogurt. Whoever decided to put a frozen yogurt shop 2 miles from my house, on my way to and from work is an evil person. Only if they knew my weakness for this stuff. Umph!

Well, bedtime. Got an 8 am staff development meeting tomorrow. And then Thursday I'm headed back to Chicago for Th8Boy's big 2-5!! 

Hope ya'll are having a great week!

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  1. Yeah! Congrats on your class room set up, you are ready to go!
    And how exciting your own place to call home!

    Ps cut up lemons and place them in your disposal. It will help freshen it up. And don't place potato skins in there , they usually get nasty and smell