Monday, July 09, 2012

8 days left

(warning- this is a completely random post- I like random though) :)

Until I move to Tennessee.

I've been packing up most of my stuff the past few days. I have also been tightening my facebook and twitter accounts so I'm not noticeable when someone types in my full name onto Google. I think I'm just going to disable my facebook account when I move. It'll be easier to handle and I much prefer twitter and pinterest anyways these days! :)

As I was securing my fb profile and security settings I notices I had some quotes that I have (unknowingly) kept up there for years. I deleted them...even though I do LOVE my quotes. I feel like I can find any quote pertaining to my life and it fits perfectly. I wanted to save these last 3 on here because I do love them and wanted to keep them for myself. :)

*Sometimes you love, learn, and
move on. And thats okay.
whoever said "what you don't know can't hurt you"
was a complete and total moron.
cause for most people i know.. not knowing
is the worst feeling in the world.
-- grey's anatomy

"take chances. take a lot of them. because honestly, no matter where you end up & with who, it always ends up just the way it should be. your mistakes make you who you are. you learn & grow with each choice you make. everything is worth it. say how you feel always. be you & be ok with it."
(I love this quote right now- especially because I am taking a huge chance with moving down to TN with my career and relationships)

*Here are some numbers for you. In 1 year you'll know about 95% of the people you know now , In 5 years you'll know about 25% of the people you'll know now,In 15 years you'll know about 5% of the people you know now ,And in 60 years when all of us are coming 2 our death, we will know less than 1% of the people we know now, leaving us alone. And yes I know that is very sad to realize , when you die you may only have 1 friend left, but when you die you will remember 100% of the experiences you had , 100% of those crazy times 100% of those hookups 100% of the fights and 100% of the times that you spent chillin wit your homies. That is why you'll crack a smile before you die, because you remebered the time that kid threw that thing through that girls dad's painting, or that amazin dance party or intense backyard football game or the time you friends had your back in a fight...that's happiness.

I also have been going crazy shopping for my classroom!! Like I've been the target dollar spot at least 3 times these past 2 weeks. I also scored GREAT deals at the DOLLAR STORE! ---who knew?? I got all of this stuff (Shapes for a bulletin board, 2 bulletin board boarders and 2 cut out letters) for a whopping $5.16!!! JACK POT! I suggest anyone to go look at their dollar store near the coloring books section and check it out. They had tons of stuff and I'm hoping a dollar store in TN will have the same things!

...And onto some of my new pins lately

(For my classroom directions)

(I should do this for my classroom)

Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday! Toodles! 

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  1. Love that quote from Grey's, one of my favorites! That is so great you found so much at the dollar store. I really love that place and I'm always surprised by what I find! Have a great week!