Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 1, 2 and 3 in the Classroom

This week I started off with 3 days of professional development seminars. Two of them were very informative and the last one was blah! Anyways, I got to go into my classroom Thursday afternoon and start cleaning this mess!
Day 1: (Thursday afternoon)
95% of the items/furniture/"stuff" in this picture was the teacher that was in there previously. She was in there (I was told) for like 12 years. She retired. 

As you can see, I do have a projector, which is brand new! 

I did manage to put some color on the boards. This classroom was so dull when I started, I needed to see some pizazz!! 

 Day 2: (All day Friday)
Friday I came at 8 am and didn't leave until about 6 pm. I started cleaning out all the cabinets and moving textbooks around so I can free up a bookcase. I also had to clean out her desk because I'm getting rid of mine because I won't ever be in it. The only times I think I would be in it is before and after school. I am moving a trapezoid tables over there which will be my 'desk' as well as my guided reading and small group table.

 Day 3: (Today-Saturday)

I don't have pictures from today. I'll make sure to take some Monday morning before I start working so I can see my progress.

When I came home I made my learning targets. I found the cheap dollar store picture frame/scrapbook paper idea from Pinterest of course!

ADVICE PLEASE: I have a few blank board space and I'm not sure what to put on them. Any suggestions? I have a Learning Target board, attendance board, a 'Welcome to 1st grade' board and word wall. What am I missing??

Well, I'm off to watch the Olympics and I'm looking forward to some quality sleep tonight, considering I've woken up at 6:30 the last 6 days in a row! I guess I should get use to it because my school schedule starts in about 8 days---yikes!!

More pictures to come of my apartment in an upcoming post!

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