Friday, July 20, 2012

Love/Hate Relationship with Aldis

Today was my first trip to Aldis. I had heard good things about them and their prices, so I drove 12 minutes to find the closest one to me. I got there and tried to pull out the shopping cart only to find out that it wouldn't come out. It was attached to all of the other shopping carts by a chain. WTF???

A lil' asian lady next to me was rummaging through her purse and grinned at me and said, "You need a quarter to get it off." Hmmm....ok?? So, I found a quarter in my purse and was successful in putting it in the slot and receiving my cart.

I head through the doors to be disappointed with how small it was. I see ALDI commercials and ADS and the store looks so much bigger. Oh well. I went up and down the aisle as I crossed things off my list.

I was probably in there for about 45 minutes. I get up to the cashier and unload my items. I probably got around 20 items; everything from rice to meat. I go to slid my credit card (I use my credit card to build up my credit and then transfer my funds from my debit account to my credit right away) and she tells me it's been denied. Hmmm.... last time I checked credit cards don't get denied, unless of course your in debt or something.

I procede to tell her that it's a credit card and she explains, "Oh sorry, we don't take credit." ARGH!! "OK, well then I guess I'll just pay in cash" Which luckily I had enough. As I'm counting my money to hand to her she asks if I can bring my cart around so she can set my items in my cart. Well, of course you can, thank you for doing that for me.

Well, what she didn't mention was that she wasn't going to be putting them in bags OR boxes. So every single item of mine (cans of soups, tat or tots, pork chops, you get the picture) was just rolling around in my cart.

Well now I'm pissed!! I head out to my car with my items bumping all over the place and place them all into my trunk with no organizing whatsoever. I did manage to get home, but the fact that I live on the 2nd floor of an apartment building did not come in handy when I had no bags or boxes.

I'm not sure I'll return to Aldi, but on the brighter side, I did get some good deals. Did I save a lot of money? Probably not, but oh, well. At least I tried, right??


  1. That was pretty funny. I guess if you've never been there it would be a "WTF" kind of experience! ha ha ha! I think the newer stores are larger and brighter compared to the older ones. I went the other day for the first time in months. I was impressed that they now carry lactose free and almond milk :)
    *Follow me...please!

  2. Weird. I don't think I'd like to shop there. We have one down the street.

  3. Interesting! I thought about checking out ALDI, so thanks for the heads up about the "special" things about them! I don't think it would be so bad a second time around, though, as long as you remember to bring your own bags.