Sunday, April 29, 2012

Half Marathon pt. 1

As many of you know, I have been training for a half marathon that is actually next weekend. First off, let me just say, I was NOT a runner. I was the girl that always made excuses in gym and the treadmill was is my worst enemy (I'll leave that for another post). I always did sports that didn't require a lot of running. You get the picture

So, never in a million years did I think 6 months ago that I would be able to run for 2 hours straight. Well, today I did...and let me tell you, it was NOT easy.

Over the last couple of months, I've learned more about running than I ever anticipated. Here are a few things:

1. The first 20 minutes of all my runs are pure torture.

2. This is how I feel before every run, but afterwards I feel great!!

3. I prefer to run without music when I run outside. The hustle and bustle around me keeps me moving.

4. I still don't know how to keep a steady pace. My dad does, so that's why I've been training with him. He keeps me running at a steady pace.

5. A glass of chocolate milk is actually good for you after you run long distances (who would of thought?)

6. I prefer to run outside, rather than inside on a treadmill (another post for later)

7. A great expensive pair of running shoes, running socks and a good sturdy sport bra are ESSENTIAL for a successful run.

8. I like this marathon (and 1/2) training app, the best. Although I don't stick to it, it helps me stay on track and keeps my end goal in sight. 

 9. I have this quote and picture hanging in my room to get me through this half marathon. 

Once I finish this half marathon, I hope to continue running. If I survive this run this next weekend, I'll discuss what made me get through it and what helped me or what didn't. I find running to be very therapeutic and calming (after the first 20 mins) and the best type of exercise there is. After 6 months of hard training and dedication, I can now say... I am a runner!!

The Ultimate Runner's Guide (Very interesting stats)

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