Wednesday, May 02, 2012

WILW: iPhone edition

I'm joining Jamie with WILW---but iPhone edition. Ever since I got my iPhone, I don't think I could ever go back to a 'regular' phone.

Here are a few of my favorite apps on my iPhone that I LOVE:

1. Facebook- No explanation needed. Everyone needs to see what everyone else is up to once in awhile.

2. Twitter- I'm beginning to like Twitter more than facebook. Call me weird, but I like to see what celebrities are up to.

3. Zillow- Hands down my favorite app I have on my phone. I love real estate and everything about it. I've probably searched over a dozen different cities and price points and I've looked at probably 100 houses through this app. Enough said!

4. Draw Something- It's similar to words with friends, but it's dictionary instead of hangman or crossword puzzles. LOVE IT!

5. E! News- You know, to see what all the 1% is doing with their lives these days, while us 99% work our butts off.... (sense sarcasm.)

6. Groupon- Great deals in your area for food, beauty places, vacations, fitness, get the point.

7. Hanging with Friends- Like words with friends, but hangman instead. This game is a good time killer, if you ever need it!

8. NetNewsFire- This is my favorite app to read blogs. It's easy, fast and convenient for me. It uploads all the blogs you haven't read yet from your last visit.

9. Pinterest- No explanation needed here! (Follow Me! ---Follow Me on Pinterest)

10. Starbucks- I love how you can pay through your phone without you credit/debit card. You do need to put in your card info, but I still love the convenience of it!

11. Words with Friends- I'm sure everyone knows this one.


  1. Love all of these apps...I would seriously not know what to do with myself if I had to go back to my old phone. :) Happy Wednesday!

  2. It is a good collection of apps and these apps are more familiar to the users. I am also like this all of these apps. My close friend also using the wedding app for planning her wedding.