Monday, February 14, 2011

THAT couple

How was everyone's Valentines Day?

I had a great Valentines Day on Saturday night with The Boy. It was a very nice actual "DATE". I say that because most of the time we go out to eat, we go to like a pub/bar type restaurant; which I don't mind at all (I love me some bar food). BUT it was nice to just sit and talk without the interruption of cheering going on from the fans of either basketball, hockey or football. The Boy and I also LOVE to people watch. I think he agreed to go to an actual restaurant just because I bribed him with people watching. We figured out the 'types' of couples you usually see out to dinner on Valentines Day. 

1. THAT couple. That are ALL over each other. They don't even know their food got to their table because they can't keep their hands and eyes off each other. They're usually the last couple in the restaurant.
2. The disappoint one. This is usually when the girlfriend is hoping the boyfriend proposes and doesn't. She tries not to SHOW she's upset...but that's a joke, because everyone can tell she is.
3. The bickering couple. Something went wrong before or during dinner. One, or both of them can't let it go. So, they carry on fighting throughout their meal. The waiter can cut the tension with a knife.
4. The lucky couple. The couple that IS genuinely cute and adorable. They enjoy each others company, along with the food and drinks. I call them the 'cute' couple.
5. That newly engaged couple. This is usually the girl who just got engaged either before dinner or during dinner. She shows; her fiance her ring (he knows what the ring looks like, he just traded his right kidney for that ring), the waiter, the non-married couple next to them, the hostess on the way out and then proceeds to take a picture of it on her phone and posts it on facebook or twitter.

Let me know if you think there are any others I haven't seen. Now none of these are BAD...I'm just observant and thought I'd share my observations with everyone! 

Week of 2/14/10 to-do's: UPDATED
1. Finish science lesson plan-use guide
2. Psych reflection paper (do we have to cite?)
3. Math reflection essay---get CD from professor
4. Do science lesson plan powerpoint
5. SCU337- group powerpoint
6. My culture powerpoint
7. Meet with Bobby about Manierre after school program
8. Call doctor and set up appointment
9. Figure out a weekend to go to Ohio (talk with babysitting ma)
10. Start science project on fruits/veggie-started it. Still in work tho.
11. SLEEEEP!!!!
12. Sign up for CPR class
13. Get materials for Monday's EE334 lesson

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  1. How about the old married couple -- been together so long they can't remember that first date (oh yes they can!!!). Happy, content, at a good place in life. Kids are away leading their own wonderful lives.... Had dinner close to home because we ...I mean "they"... can't stay up that late. Good job on the list, by the way!