Sunday, February 13, 2011

So much to little time

If there's one thing anyone close to me knows, I make lists. Very organized, clear, specific lists. I'll make list's for things I have to do within a day, a week and even a list of all my homework, projects and tests for the rest of my quarter. This week is going to be one of THOSE weeks. I have so many to-do's to cross off my listS, that I have a headache right now thinking of everything I have to do. :(

I had my Illinois State Content test this past Saturday as well for Elementary and Middle School as well. It was hard. I'm not going to lie. I'm really scared to get the test results back. That's another thing that is pushing my shoulders down. I hate having tests like that where it taste 6 weeks just to get the results back. I just want to know the results so I can have that weight off my shoulders. It's killin' me!! I know it's either pass or fail, but if I fail then I need to register for the next test ASAP and study...yet again. Ugh! If I pass, than hell ya!!!

Anyways...I'm writing my this weeks to-do list on here too. That way, when I come on here and see the list, I'll think, "Kristen, don't waste time on here when you have 101 other things you can be doing." Even though, reading everyone else's blogs are always more fun than doing homework, papers and projects.

Here it goes....

Week of 2/14/10 to-do's
1. Finish science lesson plan-use guide
2. Psych reflection paper (do we have to cite?)
3. Math reflection essay---get CD from professor
4. Do science lesson plan powerpoint
5. SCU337- group powerpoint
6. My culture powerpoint
7. Meet with Bobby about Manierre after school program
8. Call doctor and set up appointment
9. Figure out a weekend to go to Ohio (talk with babysitting ma)
10. Start science project on fruits/veggie
11. SLEEEEP!!!!

k that's all for now...i'll prolly add more and cross things off, hopefully by tomorrow! (fingers crossed)

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