Friday, February 18, 2011

Teaching English Abroad?

I've been thinking a lot lately about traveling abroad after I graduate to teach english abroad. I've read a lot of fellow bloggers posts' about adopting/traveling/studying abroad and I want to too. My sister has been lucky enough to travel a lot more than I have. I could have studied abroad, but since I transfered so many times I didn't want to prolong my Bachelors degree any longer than it is already taking. My Mom asks me where I would like to travel to all the time and the answer I always give is....ANYWHERE! I have never been out of the US (other than Cancun), so anywhere other than here would be amazing. My sister has been to Costa Rica and is currently in Spain. She is lucky enough that she is majoring in spanish so, she can take classes that can transfer over as some sort of credit for her University.

Anyways, I did a little 'googling' (yes, googling is now a verb) last night. I typed in 'Teaching English Abroad'. I was instantly overwhelmed by the opportunities I could I had no idea what a demand there is for english speaking teachers across the world.

I was looking at volunteering options in Africa. I have always wanted to go on an African safari or help with the little kids in orphanages there. Something about these little faces (better kate?) makes me smile. They just look like they'd be so inviting and I would love to be in their company. I would love to teach English to these little guys. It would probably be a life changing experience!
Has anyone traveled abroad to teach English? If so, where? What was your experience like? I'm really debating where to go and what program to go in to. Any suggestions or tips?


  1. I know tons of people who have teached abroad and loved it! I actually teach engslish in Germany right now (although I wouldn't consider it too abroad, haha).
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  2. Wow! Teaching abroad sounds amazing!

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  3. Go for it! Traveling and teaching abroad is something you will always cherish, and you can only (easily) do it when you're young.

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  5. My nephew is in Africa right now helping with an irrigation layout I beleive! I am your newest follower from the hop and would love a follow back at