Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Recap

So 2010 was a year of different. Different in a great way. I'm not sure exactly why, maybe after each month of the big 'wohoos' I'll figure it out.
January 2010- I start school and DePaul University. and I FINALLY turn the BIG 2-1!

Feburary 2010- Spent our first Valentines day with The Boy :)

March 2010- Went on a great spring break with my Dad to Nashville.

April 2010- My Best friend Alyx turned 21. I visited her at University of Iowa.

May 2010- I learned to be confident in my relationship with The Boy. This was when I realized he really liked me and I knew he wasn't going anywhere. That was a good feeling.

June 2010- Started to take care of the first liter of foster boxer mix puppies for a shelter. I also move into my apartment in the city.

July 2010- It was the best 4th of July I ever had. I foster for a second liter of puggle pups.
(me and some of my friends on the 4th)

August 2010- My Boy turned 23 and it was the first time I saw him get sick from drinking. :)

September 2010- I start my last fall quarter at DePaul. It was my sister's 20th birthday!! AND the boy got a puppy!!

October 2010- My first halloween that I didn't dress up.

November 2010- Visited my 93 year old grandpa in Ohio for thanksgiving! :)

December 2010- Christmas was great! I'm very lucky that this is me and the Boy's 2nd christmas. I hope he knows how happy he makes me! :)


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  3. Sounds like a great year!! Your very pretty and "the boy" is very cute! LOL! You two make an awesome couple! The puppies are cute to of course! Hee hee!

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  5. What a great year!!

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  7. Not sure how I missed this one! What an awesome recap of a great year!