Friday, December 10, 2010

Sometimes It's Just Nice To Know

UGH! I'm so frustrated. Is it selfish for me to want Boy to reassure me every so often that he likes me. Today we had a good day. We went christmas shopping. We got back to his house and just goofing around play fighting with each other. It was a lot of fun to just sit and laugh with each other.

Then was just making me mad. Just the little comments he says sometimes. He knows it gets on my nerve too. He'll say just kidding too, but I still am grouchy afterwards.

I stayed grouchy for an extra long time tonight see if he'd would take the extra time to reassure me he was kidding, or come sit by me, or kiss my cheek, or ANYTHING. and...he didn't.

Am I suppose to be mad? Or is that just how guys are? He blames being stubborn on his Italian blood. Trust me he is VERY VERY stubborn. So maybe it's just something I have to get use too? I hope not. Because he does have a very, very sweet side. I just wish he'd show me his sweet side especially when he knows I'm grouchy. Then maybe he wouldn't get crabby Kristen.


Sometimes it's just nice to be reassured on how he feels about me...ya know?


  1. Hey, i'm just finding your blog so perhaps i'm not qualified to give you any guy wisdom w/out going back to read more posts but...I know one thing for sure when it comes to dating....I don't miss it. And you'll be a busy cranky one lotsa days if you spend them trying to figure out why guys do things....i'm not even sure they know why. Dropping by from the Tues hop I'd love to have you join me at!

  2. Boy sounds like he needs a kick up the bum, my mum gave me good advice before I got married she said "make sure you try before you buy" so if Boy is not up to it give him the boot!
    I found your lovely blog while hopping around and thought I would say Hi. I would love it if you could visit me back.
    Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a fun filled new year.
    Helen x