Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas plans

So my weekend was great. I went up to Grand Valley State University to watch one of my best friends (and neighbor) pole vault. She won. As usual. We had a great night. Since we go to different schools and she's on the track team we don't see each other a lot. But when we do we have a great time. It's always fun to have an amazing night with great friends!

I can't believe Christmas is THIS WEEK! Christmas definitely snuck up on me this year. I'm done with all my christmas shopping, finally! My Grandma comes here on Wednesday to spend christmas festivities with our family. My Grandpa however and my other grandma will not be coming this year :( My Grandpa doesn't travel anymore and he's just real sick. My other grandma is staying with him. It'll be weird and different without them here this christmas.

(Me and The Boy)
Every year my family has a christmas eve open house/party at our house. We have a small family (I only have 4 cousins...TOTAL- 2 on my moms and 2 on my dads) and we have a lot of close family friends that are like family to us. So they all come over and we just eat, drink, and open presents. So that's what I'll be doing this Christmas eve. The Boy is coming over christmas eve as well.
Christmas morning we usually open presents, just the 4 of us plus my Grandma. Then go to my aunt and uncles house where my cousins are and usually my other grandpa and grandma are there too. This year my grandpa and grandma aren't going to be at my aunt's house. It will just be my aunt, uncle, and my oldest cousin. So this year my family of 4 are going to open presents at my aunts house, instead of my house. The Boy is coming to my aunts for christmas presents as well :) and then I'm going to his Grandma's house for dinner and his family's party.

So I'm excited for this christmas.

My girlfriends are coming home too! That'll be fun.

Ok, it's football sunday so I should probably check my fantasy team and then just sit back and watch.


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