Friday, May 03, 2013

Week Recap (aka random post)

Wow-what a week. Today our school had field day and we had perfect weather. Windy, but sunny and clear. My kids couldn't have been happier, which makes for a happy teacher! :)

Tomorrow, I'm running a 5K race with some coworkers. There is also a one mile 'fun run' that a lot of my students are running in, so I'm excited to see them active and running.

Since I'm running tomorrow morning, I've got to get into race mood. I'm making some pasta alfredo that I found on pinterest, drinking lots of water and resting my feet.

JOB UPDATE: I still don't have a job up in Chicago, but I've had 2 interviews and they both went great. So now, it's just a waiting game. Fingers crossed.

I'm ALMOST done with my book, The Fault in Our Stars and I love it. My mom is also the BEST (seriously!!!) and got me the Kindle Fire. I am so excited and still haven't opened it yet because I know I'll be on it trying to figure it out and right now, I want to finish my hardcover book and get some school stuff done first.

I am moving in just 22 short days! It's bitter sweet. But onto the next chapter in my life. Busy, long day, I'll be back to do my book post Sunday and (hopefully) start 5 for Five again with Jessica and Jenn. The end of the year is crazy!! I'll be back soon, I promise!!

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  1. I looked up that book you are reading on Goodreads (The Fault in Our Stars) and it sounds soooo good. So I put it on my list of books to read. I am currently reading The Great Gatsby. I think I am the only one out there that never had to read it for school. I am about 40 pages in. It is ok, but hoping to get better. The characters are confusing though. haha Enjoy your Kindle Fire (I just have a regular Kindle with a light for reading in the darn thing).