Monday, May 27, 2013

My Favorite Childhood Books

Sorry I have been MIA lately. Between the end of school, moving back in with my parents, unpacking, reorganizing and spending time with my family and The Boy, the blog had to take a lil hiatus. But, I'm back! Full force!

Anyways, I still can't wait to show everyone tomorrow what Jen got me. But first things first; my favorite childhood books!

Favorite Picture Book:

I still remember my mom reading this to me when I was little. This book still has a great meaning even as I'm an adult, I love the true message.

Favorite Chapter Book:

This year, many of my kids started reading Amelia Bedelia books and I told them I read them as a little girl too. However, they thought I was joking and said "No way Ms. K!!" But, I am NOT joking. I loved these books...who didn't?

Favorite Series:

This series I really got into around 5th or 6th grade. I remember our public library had a summer reading program and I read most of these books to get a t-shirt!!! They are classics!

Update on my life in bullet points:
  • Still no job. I'm staying positive and patient.
  • I'm fostering puppies again this summer! :) More to come on that later!
  • I will be starting a juice cleanse tomorrow and I may or may not make it.....


  1. OMG, I was obsessed with The Babysitter's Club! Claudia was always my favorite!

  2. I was almost named Amelia after the Amelia Bedila books! And whenever I see "Love You Forever" I think of the Friends episode where Joey does a dramatic reading of it for Rachel's baby shower. So funny!
    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Ha, I also had to think of that Friends episode - it was epic ;)

    Lovely picks, Kristen!

  4. I loved The Babysitters Club!! Pretty sure I read every one like 5 times. And then wanted to start a club of my own.

  5. I either almost listed The Babysitters Club or did list it; I can't remember right now, but I loved those books as a kid! I just got a bunch for my daughter to read.

  6. The Babysitters Club was definitely my favorite!