Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Book Swap Box Reveal

My book swap box! I participated in a book swap these past few months and I've loved it!

I can't wait to share what an awesome box I received from Jen at The Well Read Fish. Awesome is an under statement because it was really pretty amazing! I got paired with someone who has read so many books that I know any book she sent me would be amazing.
Let me just show you...

She had e-mailed me and said she went a little overboard at the bookstore. Well, she did a great job picking out MORE than just books. I got pretty lucky...
My book box items:
  • OMG delicious popped carmel corn (literally popped corn puffs, but it's so good!)
  • A seattle kitchen towel (that is so simple, it's gorgeous!)
  • Jam from Seattle (that is delicious)
  • Hello Kitty Cupcake liners (I already know what new recipe I'm using to fill these)
  • Spices in a jar for steaks, burgers or any meat really (I'm trying it this weekend for our Memorial Day BBQ)
  • KIND bars (I have never had these before, but considering I'm trying to eat "clean" they were right up my alley)
  • Yummy dark chocolate
  • A roll of fruit chews
  • AND 5 BOOKS!!!! Yes- FIVE! I was ecstatic!
    • Prep by: Curtis Sittenfeld
    • Five Quarters of The Orange by: Joanne Harris
    • Who By Fire by Diane Spechler
    • Into the Forest by Jean Hegland
    • Broken for You by: Stephanie Kallos
    • Now, only if I can figure out which one to start first. (If I have a lot of books to choose from, or can't figure out which one to buy in a bookstore, I read the first chapter of each book.) And from that, the book I'm reading first is winner is 'Who By Fire'. What would you read first out of these books?

Thank you Jen for a wonderful book full of book stuff and goodies! You went above and beyond and I am so very thankful. By the way, good for you for posting an honest review about Bristol House. I'm always scared to be honest about a book I don't like.


  1. WOW. You got some great stuff!

  2. I've read "Prep" - it's a great summer read!

  3. Holy geez the mother of all book swaps! That is awesome. As the creator of the swap, this just makes me all smiles. I appreciate you taking the time to sign up for this book swap and I hope you had a fantastic experience! You're definitely set up with some great summer reads.

  4. WOWZERZ! What a load you got! Now I know what you meant in your email that she went above and beyond! I read Prep a few years ago and loved it. The rest are being added to my to read list!

  5. OMG you got so much! I think we all had pretty great partners. Everyone's swap looks amazing! Let me know how Prep is; it's been an book I've been eyeing for some time!

  6. How fun! I would have a hard time choosing which book to read first too!

  7. Wow Jen really got you covered!! Lucky you :)

    I would also have a hard time to decide on my first read if I like all of them but in the end you will read all of them anyway!!

    Have fun with your goodies and thanks so much for participating!

  8. Wow. You did get lucky! Any thing food is good. LOVE those hello kitty liners, even though I am against baking cupcakes (long story).

  9. Wow, your box was awesome! This was my first month doing the Cara box exchanged and I really enjoyed it. Those Hell Kitty cupcake liners are right up my ally! :)

  10. I cannot believe I missed the day we were supposed to do the swap link up. I was thinking it'd be next week! I am so not on top of it. Glad you like it all. It's really SO fun to give books.

  11. Whoa, lucky you! Five books! And now I'm craving popcorn! lol

  12. Hi there! I just wanted to say thanks again for the sweet, awesome, and southern (loved everything) Cara box. Here is my reveal post: