Monday, May 20, 2013

My Birmingham Pictures

Mrs. D is originally from Birmingham and when I made the decision to move back home, I asked her if I could travel with her to Birmingham when she went next. I've never been to Alabama, so I was pumped to go to Birmingham.

First stop... to see this little buddy. A coworker dear friend of mine just had a baby last month and so on the way to B-ham we brought her dinner and cuddled this lil guy!

Baby E and I

We got in late Friday night. So that means no pictures.

Saturday midday-
Lunch at Davenport's Pizza restaurant. Oh-em-geee it was delicious. Best thin crust pizza I have ever tasted. If you are EVER in the B-ham area, GO! You will not be disappointed.
COOL FACT: Mrs. D's family owns this restaurant and has been in the family for over 40 years. 
It was amazing to hear the history behind such a great, fabulous and successful pizzeria.

The menu is on a pizza paddle-how neat!! 

 We got ham/pineapple/pepperoni. Took the rest home :)

Saturday night-
We went to dinner and drinks with all her hometown friends. It was so much fun! I love going out in a new town. It reminded me of my hometown a lot and my friends back home. It made me miss them :( 

Sunday- Drive home. Enough said. Nothing too exciting...Arby's, good talks, left over pizza and many laughs.

Sunday night-
Puppy snuggle time

Monday (today):
Only 1.5 more days of school. I started making my good-bye cards for my students and it's making me sad. I guess I never thought that most of these students, who turned into "my kids", I might never see again. It really makes me so sad. They were my first class... :(

Well, off to bed. I received my book swap box from Jen last week AND my Cara box from Sarah today! Posts to come on that later!! :) 


  1. Did you get hired on for the fall in your new location? I remember when I was getting cut, saying goodbye was hard - esp when the school had an assembly and called those teachers up who were leaving then we had a bus line parade where we all waved goodbye at the end of the last day.

  2. The baby is adorable. That pizza place looks too cute and delish. Your kids will never forget you!! I know it must be sad finishing up the year and moving, but they will remember you. :)