Monday, January 28, 2013

5 for Five---4 for 5!!

It feels good to be back in the loop with 5 for Five with Jessica and Jen and the gang!!

I have some new follower-YAY!! HI friends!! I'm so glad you're here! Join us for this fun blog hop! 

So, I want to reintroduce this fun hop I do every week. It keeps me accountable for what I do (and don't do) each week!!
*Every Monday you post 5 goals that you want to accomplish by the end of the week. On the following Monday, you see if you accomplished them, or if you did not (this happens to me a lot!). Then state what new goals you want to do for the following week. If it sounds confusing, it's not at all!! Take a look below!! Join in!! 

(reminder- red = I did not do it, orange = kinda or half-way did it, and green = completed, CHECK!)
Now here were my last week’s goals: 

Finish everything in my pantry and fridge before I go buy ANYTHING else.
a. I completed this easily! I made chicken and veggies (from my freezer) and even finished the 2 beers I had leftover from when The Boy visited in October! 

Look into the Paleo Diet.
a. The more I looked into it, (and good advice from Elle- love her) it just doesn’t fit my current life style. I’m hoping in the future or when I have more free time I can try this because I love the whole concept and who knows, maybe it’d cure my stomach issues.

Get more than half way through the book I’m currently reading.
a. Love it with every page I turn! I was consumed in this book all of Saturday and Sunday! Go read it, I highly recommend it! (Emily Giffin, Where the Heart Belongs)

 Get 2 important errands done with! 1.) Send out my packages and 2.) go to GoodWill and donate some old books and nick nacks.
a. Got all my Valentine’s Day cards/boxes in the mail. Don’t worry, I put, “Do NOT open until February 14th!”  And I went to GoodWill one day after school- SCORE a free and open trunk for moving!!

 Start planning my friend’s baby shower that’s in March!
a. We e-mailed our Principal and have a date set. Now, it’s time to get e-vites out, decorations planned and baked goods/snacks planned!

YAHOO!!! I don’t think in ALL of the 5 for Fives I’ve participated in, I have EVER succeeded! GO ME! Now… onto this week. It’s going to be a rough week, I can tell already: I’m moving, it’s my birthday, it’s our first full week back at school (we’ve had rain/ice days off & MLK Day), and I get my observation date from my Principal...yikes!

New Goals:
1. Get more than ¾ of the way through with my book.
2. Continue to finish my food at home.
3. Get unpacked and semi organized at Mrs. D’s.
4. Start working out again- FULL FORCE!! No more excuses.
5. Find a nice, easy-to-work-with blog designer, that won’t cost this teacher an arm and a leg. (Read this to see what else I’m seeking advice for)

Bring it on Monday!! Thank goodness for my best friend from home, Al! She sent me a Starbucks gift card and card for my birthday, so you know damn well that I will be using it this week. Cm’on, I hafta---it’s my birthday week!! :) 


  1. New follower here. Found you on the link up today. If you want a blog designer, check out my blog. Kaylee did an awesome job and she's super affordable! happy blogging!

  2. Awesome job on your goals! I came across a blog that has "premade" designs - A Mommy's Blog Design ( I also nominated you for a Liebster award. Check out my post about the award here: