Sunday, January 06, 2013

5 for 2013: Goals!!!

I know I'm a little late, but today has really been the first day since the New Year that I've had time to just sit and blog. And boy, it feels nice!

I wanted to join in Jessica and Jen for this fun edition of 5 for Five 2013. Today, instead of sharing five goals for the week, set five goals that you hope to accomplish in the new year!  

1. Adopt a cleaner life style. 
And (like Jessica) just be more 'clean' with my eating. Meal planning has been helping me a lot and I just want to continue that. This also includes working out/running again. I've kinda hit a realization that this will probably be the best shape I will ever be in my life, so why not prolong it and try to stay healthy as long as I can?
**Any good healthy recipe suggestions?? I'm all ears!

2. Figure out more about this blog thing. 
I have no idea how to get a button or signature. How do I get ad spaces? Even though I've been blogging for close to 3 years, I'm still clueless on a lot of this stuff. Any help or suggestions? Would going to a blogging convention or 'boot camp' educate me on this stuff? 

3. Be more in the moment. 
Just in general. I need to stop worrying about the future and live in present day. I'm having a hard time currently with the situation I'm in. Just being away from my life in Chicago. But, I look on the bright side; I have a job here and people I now consider good friends, that like to drink wine!! 
I also need to work on being patient with my students and really listen to them if they have something to say.

4. Grow more in my relationship with the ones closest to me. 
This includes my family, The Boy and the few good friends I have left. It never hurts to talk about serious issues and concerns. In a way I feel like talking about difficult things can bring 2 people closer together and definitely doesn't hurt to talk about the future either! ;)

5. Save money. 
Hands down the one I want to succeed in so badly. This means that I want to be financially independent without my parents help. Yes, I'm almost 24 and yes, my mom pays for my phone bill (it's a family plan) and yes, they still pay for my car insurance, but I'm hoping to start paying for both of those this year. (By the way, I do have the best parents in the world!!) This also means that I have to realize I don't NEED that Starbucks in the morning or that Panera on weekends. While I am moving into Mrs. D's house in a few weeks (which will save me money and I couldn't be more excited), that doesn't mean that I can now afford the Starbucks or Panera (unless I have giftcards!!). I want to instead put that money aside for bigger and better things!
I know within the next couple years, I will be having a lot of big expenses headed my way and I want to be as financially independent and responsible as I can be.

The Boy and I on NYE in Chicago.

I'm excited to read everyone else's 2013 goals. I have a feeling 2013 will be a great year!!! :)


  1. I made my button on Photobucket...Once you have an image you want to use (picture of you or an icon) you just need a text box. I'll send you an e-mail with that code :)

    I'm also clueless about signatures and other fancy stuff!

  2. My goals are very similar to yours! Hope you have an amazing 2013!

  3. I'm with ya! I really want to live more in the moment but really struggle with it. Also, I need to figure out the whole blog thing too!!

  4. I actually have very similiar goals. Although you're probably smarter in having fewer amount of goals then I do. I am pretty clueless when it comes to this blogging thing too. -.-' Saving money is prolly my biggest priority because I don't have a lot left. I have to try to build my savings back up.

    Good luck

    <3 Jenn

  5. I love these goals - especially #4! I definitely need to do the same!

    And where did you celebrate NYE? Hope you had a blast!

  6. I feel ya on the money!! I am trying to pay off my student loans little by little each month. I turned 26 in November and just started paying for my phone and my car insurance so don't worry.

  7. Just stumbled across your blog from the Sunday Social link up and I totally agree with all of the above (and I totally agree with Kristin about paying off student loans... Although, I have so much i'll probably just will it to my kiddos, haha!)

    I definetly need to adopt a cleaner lifestyle and cook more and make more healthy meals for me and my hubby... and maybe try that whole working out thing a little more. But, between teaching and life, both of those just fall by the wayside pretty often. I need to remember to take more time for MYSELF! (AND BE MORE IN THE MOMENT...)

    And of course with being more in the moment, I also agree with being more patient with my students. AHH, what a challenge that can be (almost daily!)

    Good luck girly! :)

    What do you teach?