Sunday, May 06, 2012


WARNING: Picture overload!!

That's me crossing the finish line of the Festival Food Fitness Festival's half marathon.
 Unofficial Time: 2 hours, 39 minutes and 43 seconds. 
(I say unofficial because I wasn't the first one over the start line and this time is from gun starting point, so it may be a little off.)

(My sister, me and dad before the race)

Our course is outlined in blue. Man, was it a tough course. We ran at least 3 hills throughout it!

My dad, sister and I all ran it (and all finished it), but it wasn't to say our morning was uneventful. This race was up at my sister's university in La Crosse, WI. Well, last night it decided to storm pretty bad. Well, that storm decided to stay until about 6 am. The race was suppose to start at 7:00 am, but was postponed until 8:30 am. It was later than we expected, but I'm glad we got to run it.

(Me and my dad around mile 6)
My dad and I ran together the whole way, except the last tenth mile, when I got a jolt of energy and sprinted to the finish line. 

(My sister's amazing time!!)

My dad as he's crossing! I'm so proud of him for training so hard the last 5 months and completing it with a smile on his face---not to mention he's in his late 50's!! GO DAD!

Me, dad and my sister after our race---I could barely stand still. My legs were killing me!

Sitting on the curb eating fruit, a brat and water, while stretching. Notice the medals around our neck! :) 

Go Daddy-o!

We left La Crosse today to head back home and let me tell you...sitting in a car after you've drank gallons of water and running 13.1 miles is not the greatest feeling. My dad and I made my poor mom stop 3 times for bathroom/stretching breaks.

This was me after we got home. Ice glued to every joint in my legs every 20 mins, as well as my feet elevated and before this picture was taken I had just taken 2 ibuprofen! I'm hoping I can still walk tomorrow...I guess we'll I'll find out the hard way.

There were things I did that worked for me before, during and after the race that worked for me and some things that did not work too well for me. I'll save that for another post. It's this girl's bedtime!

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend, just like I did! Only 5 more days until another one :)
I'm pretty sure I can cross this off my 2012 bucket list, or add it and then cross it off if it wasn't on there before. I'm so proud of myself, along with my dad and sister!! 

Next run: a 5k that we're getting Mom to do as well!! 

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  1. congratulations!! that's so awesome you were able to run it with your dad and sister!