Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What I Learned Doing a Half Marathon... hopes that maybe some will help out another fellow (new-ish) runner.

#1: I prefer to run with someone. It keeps me going.
(Me and my Dad at mile 7?)

#2: No matter how cold it is on the day of the race, I should always wear shorts. (I learned this the hard way)

#3: The night before the race, don't over do your meals. I was told if someone over stuffs themselves that night, they will 'unload' the next morning aka GO TIME!

#4: The morning of the race, eat a normal breakfast. I had cereal, yogurt, and a banana.

#5: SHOES ARE EVERYTHING!!! (I got my running shoes back in December. They were more expensive, but worth every penny)
#6: If your anxious (like I was before and during the race), go through US cities alphabetically. See if you can name us many US city from A to Z as you can. If I'm running and feel like stopping, I do the A to Z thing with girl and boy names too. 
Ex: A- Anchorage, B- Boulder, C-Chicago
      A- Amanda, B- Brooke, C-Claire
      A- Aaron, B- Bob, C- get the hint. 

#7. Don't chance anything the day of the race. It's not worth it.

#8. After the race, your legs will be screaming "WHY DID YOU STOP RUNNING??" Stretch as soon as you can...and when you do, stretch everything!

(You can see I couldn't stand still)

#9. Don't eat too much after the race. I had half a brat, banana and gatorade. 

#10. When I got home I iced, elevated and took some ibuprofen to help make my joints less stiff. And let me tell you.... IT WORKED. The next morning, I was still stiff but not nearly as bad as I thought I would be.

Let me know if anyone had any questions. I don't know if these will help anyone, but I hope they do! 


  1. Congratulations on your first half!!! I bet your going to be totally addicted just like me!!! LOVE RUNNING!!!! Best release ever!!!! xoxoxo Hanna

  2. A hot bath in salt helps after too! I actual went surf the morning after a marathon once and it was like stretching and soaking while riding the waves, I was way less sore than other races I had finished.
    congrats on running the race, such a good accomplishment. And I hear you had a great time too!