Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The current ABC's of my life

No, not the actually alphabet, but those are the three things on my mind these days.

A-Alaska! I leave for Alaska in 3 days! I can't wait to get out of town for a few days and relax and explore places I've never been nor have I dreamed of going before. I'm still packing, slowly but surely. I just found out that Alaska Airline doesn't allow a bag to be checked. I need to bring a suitcase...a BIG one at that. I do need to bring hoodies, sweatpants, boots and jackets up there, so I think a big suitcase is a MUST.

B- The Boy. Oy- Where do I even start with him? We broke up about 3 weeks ago. It still sucks, but I'm still moving forward. It's just hard because he needs 'time' but I feel like he should know whether he wants to be with me or shouldn't be a MAYBE answer- you either know or DON'T know. I deserve someone that KNOWS they WANT to be with me. My thought behind my whole process is to give him 2 weeks of no communication (while I'm in Alaska and Canada), it'll be hard to contact me anyways and see what happens when I get back. I already bough my NYE ticket to a bar The Boy and all his friends are going to, so we have to be ok by NYE. I wouldn't have bought the ticket if he didn't say he wanted me there....But he did. :/ oh the joys of relationships.

C- Classes. I AM OFFICIALLY DONE WITH UNDERGRAD CLASSES!!! And it feels so good. I have been doing nothing all week and I'm proud of it. I worked my butt off this quarter, so I deserve it. I get my grades sometime this week and I feel good about them. I start student teaching January 3rd, in a 4th grade class and I'm so excited to start!

D- Dessert and Diet. It's no secret that I love dessert. Any kind, any time, anywhere. I've found many on Pinterest that I can't wait to try at the Holidays.

I tried these 'skinny' cupcakes and OMG are they amazing!! NO joke! My Mom even liked them and they were so easy to make- 1 box of funfetti mix and one can of diet 7-up or sprite!

These look amazing too. I just started liking red velvet and these are just CALLING my name!
No, I'm not on a diet. I'm just learning how to be healthy. A change of diet sounds better. I'm not cutting out anything, just enjoying the same things in smaller portions. I've read that in Shape magazine. I also learned that I have a bad case of impulse eating. Meaning, if I'm bored, I'll eat what I can find. I've kept myself busy recently and it's really helped. And when I'm hungry I'll take a handful of trail mix and I'm good to go.

E- Exercise. I have been exercising a lot lately because 1st, I have the time too and 2nd, it relieves a lot of stress when I work out. I love the feeling after a great hard workout. I found a treadmill workout that I've been doing the past few days and man, is it hard. Here is what I've been doing.

This is the intermediate one, but they also have a beginners one from the same website. 

Well that's it for my ABC's...for now that is. I'll try to post pictures of Alaska and Canada while on I'm on the road, but it depends if I get Internet connection. 

Wish me good luck as I take the 6 hour flight to Alaska and the 2 week journey home!

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