Saturday, December 10, 2011

Alaska Adventures...

Things I’ve Learned About Alaska:

The Valley is considered a place in which one lives. It’s not Anchorage, it’s north of Anchorage and consists mostly of the cities Palmer and Wasilla. If someone says they're from The Valley it means they're most likely from Wasilla or Palmer.

You can’t go out looking for animals because they’ll never come out, but, when you’re not looking you’re more likely to see them.


They have numerous coffee shops. I wouldn’t call them shops because the only person in there is the barista. They are drive through coffee shops and during morning rush hour they are ALL always busy!

Skiing is not the only thing you can do outside. People can snow shoe, mountain bike, hike, ice fish, sight see and snow mobile.

Whenever you leave the house (no matter where you are) you can see mountains in the distance. It's beautiful!!

12 degrees outside isn’t out of the norm. People up here get use to it pretty fast.

It get’s dark so early in winter that someone might be awake more when it's dark than light out.

(some moose on our way out of Alaska)

There are TWO military bases up in Anchorage.

People call the road the ‘PW’, which means the Palmer-Wasilla Highway

We are now in Canada. The Yukon to be exact. We just passed through Whitehorse and will be hitting the hot springs tomorrow around lunch time. I'll hopefully be back by next weekend...all depending on weather though.

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