Sunday, April 21, 2013

Link Up #1: My Top 3 Favorite Books

I love this post, but it's so hard to choose just 3! Yesterday, I joined a fabulous blogger book swap and I couldn't be more thrilled!! A swap that fit me perfectly!!

My top 3 favorite books (in no particular order):

#1: The Hunger Games Trilogy (I count all 3 books as 1 book)
by: Suzanne Collins
Baily likes The Hunger Games as well!
I never thought I would enjoy these books, but geezz, Suzanne Collins had me at the sexual tension of Katniss and Peeta. I can't say enough about these books and I actually might read them again this summer.

#2: Something Borrowed (I liked Something Blue as well)
by: Emily Giffin 

I loved that these books were a fast read, yet still full of "girl" drama that I loved. If you want a quick girly read, go grab this book! I like Emily Giffin's books in general. I still have 3 books of hers that I haven't read yet.

#3: Are You There Vodka it's Me, Chelsea 
by: Chelsea Handler

I'm not sure if this counts as a book, but....I love her show. I love her books. I just love her!! She writes just as she talks and I was literally laughing out loud to myself reading this. This books is just a memoir of her life as she is just starting out in Hollywood.

I'm currently reading 'The Fault In Our Stars' by: John Greene, and it's brilliantly written in the perspective of a teenage girl with cancer. Depending on how it ends, it might be on my new top 3.

But, as you can see, I like many different books. My summer reading list has like 11 books on it. Is that normal??? Can't wait to see what other people's favorite books are. Hopefully, I can add to my summer reading list. If you haven't already, please follow me on BlogLovin' on my right side column! I look forward to meeting other great Bloggers who love to read as well!


  1. You and I basically have the SAME taste in books. Hunger Games makes my top 10 list (although Catching Fire was my fave!), as does TFIOS. I also adored Something Borrowed- but I think I liked Something Blue a bit more?! I read it ages ago though!

  2. I first read Hunger Games while I was a stay at home wife for a summer at Camp Pendleton. It was a summer where I cruised through a ton of books and really debated putting them in my top three (such a difficult decision). I think Lady Antebellum was interviewed on their tour bus and they were caught up in the book. I figured if everyone is making such a big deal out of it, I should read it, too and I loved it. While my husband was on his second deployment to Afghanistan, I sent him a copy and he called me to ensure the rest of the series because he loved them!

    I actually haven't read any of Emily Giffin's books but I would love to add it to my summer reading list. I know they're super popular with many of my friends.

    For Christmas one year, my friend got me a copy of Chelsea's Horizontal Life and I adore Chelsea Handler. She's sassy, honest, and hilarious!

    Thanks for taking the time to share and welcome to the swap!

  3. Hi Kristen!

    I already downloaded The Fault in our Stars after reading a short excerpt and I can´t wait to get to it actually ;)

    I love a little girl drama read myself from time to time. The Shopaholic series fits that gap quite perfectly for me!

    Great to have you on board!

    xo Martie

  4. Yay, so glad you're joining the book swap! I have "Fault In Stars" on my to-read list this summer. I love your blog and welcome to the South. =)

    Blessings + Hugs,

  5. Thanks for joining the swap! I've been wanting to read a Chelsea Handler book... she is absolutely hilarious! :)

  6. I love all these books as well!! Each author is amazing!! I can't believe I forgot to include Hunger Games!! Emily Giffin is amazing!! Have you read Heart of the Matter? I sobbed at that one!!

  7. I read a lot. I track my reading on goodreads! It's easy to track to-read books as well.

  8. I love the Hunger Games! Those books are so exciting and moody! I have The Fault In Our Stars on my to be read list!

    Like Jackie above, I also use Goodreads! It's great!
    Sincerely, Sara

  9. I am slightly ashamed to admit it but I haven't read the Hunger Games yet!! I have them on my too read list but just haven't gotten around to them yet!

  10. I read 2.5 of the Hunger Games books while on a 4 day vacation with my boyfriend. Could not put them down!

    Chelsea Handler---LOVE HER! And her books.

    I have yet to read Something Borrowed, but REALLY want to read them soon. I love chick lit!

  11. Chelsea Handler's books are great, she is hilarious!
    Check out my latest post to see my top 3.