Thursday, April 18, 2013

In 23 (school) days...

I will be back to blogging regularly. I promise!! That is when school is out for the summer! I am still deciding whether I want to sign up for BlogHer or not. I want to learn so much more about blogging and I feel that would be an awesome experience for me. We'll see I guess! :)

Anyways, on to school...

One of my students, M and I today! :)
The end of the year has been crazy. My kids have been off the wall. I didn't realize how many activities there were at the end of the year. My school has TCAP, field day, fitness activity night, 5K races and so many other things, it's crazy!! I can't help to just love every minute of it though. Since I'm going back to Chicago at the end of the year, I'm trying to embrace my students craziness and loudness because I know over the summer and next year, I'll miss it and them!

On to my plans for next year...well, the lack-of plans, that is. I have applied to countless districts and e-mail, mailed, etc. tons of Principals. Still nothing...
These are all of my envelopes I've sent out with cover letters, resumes, etc. Talk about exhausting!

Sweet Mrs. D also took 'nice' pictures of me Saturday with her 'super nice' camera. So I got them printed at Walgreens to add to my letters. She's the best!

On another note, My grandma passed away last Saturday. She was 91 and lived a very full life filled with love. We will be going back to Cleveland to bury her in the summer next to my grandpa.
This is her last year on the Appalachian Trail.

I made chicken Rollitini's this week and Oh-Em-GEE they were sooooo good! I got the recipe from Pinterest of course. 

Here is the Pin that had me from mozzarella and marinara...

Here is how mine turned out... Kristen - 1, Kitchen - 0. I'd say that's a winner!

Well, I hope everyone else is having a great Thursday. I am beyond excited that tomorrow is Friday. We're going to The Bun Factory as a field trip, which makes this teacher very happy!! :)

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